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One of the problems with the number of fun, unique, and useful bookends out there is that you need room on your shelves for them. But if you have the space — or you’re willing to either make the space or get another bookshelf — you will find no lack of choices for whatever suits your style. The very few bookends I own are either of the stone variety (I’ve got a couple of cool agate pieces) or ones I’ve picked up in my antiquing (I have a set of brass books and vintage owls). But if I were to add some more bookends to my life, you better believe I’d be going for some sweet animal bookends.

There are so many kinds of animal bookends out there that no matter your favorite creature, you’ll find something. I’ve pulled together a wide range of animal bookends, both in terms of the animals and in terms of the kinds of bookends. There are acrylic and wooden bookends, alongside a number of other materials.

A benefit of animal bookends? You don’t need to feed and if you choose something a little (or a lot) unique, you can tell everyone you have a pet (fill-in-the-blank here).

Let’s check out some sweet creature feature bookends.

Animal Bookends of All Kinds

I am high-key obsessed with these acrylic cat bookends. I love this red option, but the orange options is also pretty rad. $37 for a set of two or grab ’em individually for $31.

Set of wooden vintage owl bookends

Something to note: there is only one set of these vintage owl bookends available. But in looking for some great owl bookends, several others are available through different sellers in the same price point. So if you love them, know you can find these sweet guys pretty easily. $30.

Image of black metal bookends featuring song birds on branches.

Looking for a different kind of bird? These songbird bookends are fun! $29 and up, and you have some color options.

Image of metal elephant bookends.

It’s the baby elephant holding onto the bigger elephant’s tail for me on these bookends. $70.

Big and little giraffe single-side bookeend

Choose whether you want a giraffe bookend that goes on the left or on the right (or, you know, splurge on both). $35 each.

Set of two cute fox bookends

These fox bookends are too cute — who cares if they’re “for” a nursery? Sure, they’ll be cute there, but the rules are fake, so why not get some for your “grown up” library? $60.

brightly colored statue in the shape of a bulldog.

This is advertised as both a “statue” and a possible bookend, so we’re going with the former. How fun is this bulldog bookend? You get one, but maybe you only need one. Grab two if you want a set. $140 — it’s an investment, but it’s also ART.

Image of five pastel colored bear bookends

I love these ceramic bear bookends. So many colors! Perfectly heavy! $25 each.

Image of two vintage white ceramic deer bookends

This is another option where, because these are vintage, there is only one set available. But poke around if it’s sold out because you’ll likely find more. I mean. These ceramic deer bookends are ADORABLE. $50.

Want more bookend options? We’ve got you. Check out these unique bookends, these crystal bookends, and some gorgeous rainbow bookends.

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