Secret Service tackles Biden protester (VIDEO)

An activist who walked in front of a motorcade was pushed to the ground and handcuffed by an agent

A Secret Service agent slammed a female protester on the ground and handcuffed her after she moved in front of a motorcade near the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday.

The footage of the takedown was filmed and published by the local affiliate of Fox News. The convention hall is hosting the Summit of Americas, which was attended by US President Joe Biden.

The Secret Service confirmed their role in the detention. According to its account of the incident, the agent “swiftly removed [the woman] from the roadway and placed her into custody.” The progress of the motorcade was not affected by the incident, the agency said.

According to the media, the unidentified woman said she was protesting for women’s rights. The motorcade she jumped in front of was not carrying any officials at the time.

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