Alexa Bliss Pitched Different Version Of Lilly, Hopes It Will Be Seen

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The version we’re seeing of Alexa Bliss right now on WWE RAW is just her being herself, although she wanted to go much darker at one point.

RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss was the most recent guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about her current character we’re seeing on WWE programming, Bliss said the character we see every week on RAW is just her now.

“Obviously, with what we do, a lot of it is based on the pitches that we pitch, and the characters and we kind of drive that ourselves and I had, has have had a lot of ideas as to where to take this character,” Alexa Bliss said. “It’s just, you know, in the nature of WWE, it’s just kind of whatever comes out on camera. We just have to go for it. So right now, it’s just me being myself. And I’ve never actually done that on camera. So I think I know me as a person like, I’m boring. I’m boring as hell, and I know I’m not entertaining to watch. It’s true. You can ask my husband. I’m like really boring. But I’m trying to find a way to marry myself into turning it into some kind of character because everyone always says your character should be an extension of yourself turned up to like 1000, but I’ve never done that in the ring before. I’ve never done that. So I think for me right now, I’m trying it out and seeing how it goes, and then if not, you’ll see me come out one week as something completely different. You’ll be like, what the heck just happened? So we’ll figure it out.”

Bliss said she’d been involved in creative plans for her character before, so Satin asked how much she added to her most recent “therapy sessions” on RAW.

“So that was a pitch that I had pitched for a very long time,” Alexa Bliss revealed. “It was originally a different kind of therapy because I wanted to be kinda taken away at Extreme Rules and then come back a different version of the Dark Alexa character. Obviously, things change, and all that jazz. I had to have surgery, so we’re like, oh perfect amount of time to go away and then give time for Extreme Rules to settle and then come back in these therapy sessions. They were so much fun. Everyone knows I love acting and performing in that aspect, and it’s something that I always feel creatively fulfilled in, so this was for me and my creative outlet, having the most fun I can, and it was so much fun. We had a good amount of creative control, but Vince [McMahon] was super awesome, and from what I heard, he sat down for a few hours and wrote it all out, took the vision, and made it come to life.”

Satin noted that the therapy sessions felt like a device to bring back Alexa while maintaining some of the Lilly elements, and Alexa said that she originally wanted things to be even darker than what aired.

“I wanted it to go even darker, even deeper, and I even had Jason [Baker] come out with a sketch and a prototype of a different version of Lilly, which would have been super cool,” Alexa Bliss said. “Obviously, with creative, things always change, but I’m still holding out that this new version of Lilly can come out one day, but we’ll see.”

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What do you make of Alexa Bliss’ comments? Do you think the current character we are now seeing on WWE RAW is just herself with the volume turned up? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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