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SHENZHEN, China, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China, today announced that it has recently launched its Overseas Messaging Cloud Solution (the “Solution”) to empower Chinese enterprises to expand overseas markets with omni-channel intelligent messaging services. Leveraging its efficient, convenient unified messaging management platform, the Solution helps enterprises in various verticals including gaming, online social and e-commerce, to optimize overseas user reach, reduce operating costs and improve user conversion in overseas expansion.

Overseas user reach faces multiple challenges.

User reach is the basis of user conversion. Through app’s push notification, e-mail, SMS and message channels of various third-party platforms, enterprises can quickly mass send messages such as service notifications and marketing promotions to target users. However, reaching overseas users faces various difficulties and uncertainties, such as lower delivery rates, higher messaging costs, and even message blocks.

1.   Lower delivery rates

On one hand, message delivery rates can’t be optimized if apps only adopt the FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) channel to push messages to overseas users. In addition, sometimes overseas users are not able to receive push notifications when their apps are off-line even if the FCM service is available. Given complex network environments in overseas markets, message delivery rate based on a single FCM channel is usually lower than expected.

On the other hand, email is frequently used by overseas users. However, since the delivery rate of email is positively correlated with the sender reputation, many Chinese enterprises are likely to encounter a large number of bounced emails or even get banned when they initially send operational or non-marketing emails to overseas users, which greatly affects the efficiency of user reach.

2.   Higher messaging costs

Numerous service notifications, such as registration and login verifications, order alerts and payment verification messages, may severely affect the efficiency of user conversion. To ensure a high message delivery rate for overseas users, enterprises often have to send expensive international SMS, while distributing the same message through every other channel. This practice not only burdens businesses with higher messaging costs but also floods users with notifications, therefore dampening user experience severely.

3.   Higher compliance and operational risks

Businesses are subject to a myriad of compliance requirements when reaching out to users in different countries and regions. To avoid potential operational risks, enterprises need to strictly comply with local laws and regulations in terms of message content as well as distribution frequency and data collection.

Aurora Mobile leverages its proprietary messaging channels, integration of multiple mainstream messaging channels, and intelligent messaging strategies to provide comprehensive user reach services for overseas markets.

1.   Three proprietary channels ensure higher message delivery rate

The Solution leverages three proprietary messaging channels (“JG Channels”) that cover app push, international email and international SMS, ensuring stable, efficient and reliable message delivery.

App push: Given the low delivery rate through FCM channels, Android phone manufacturers place great importance on the delivery rate of international messaging and make constant efforts to improve the metric. Aurora Mobile supports one single SDK that integrates all the available messaging channels, including the overseas messaging channels of various mobile brands, such as Realme, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and HONOR, and the commonly used overseas system-level channels such as FCM and APNs (Apple Push Notification service) as well as JG Channels.

Overseas users can prioritize messaging channels of mobile phone manufacturers and use JG Channels as an alternative if the former fails. JG Channels further improve the message delivery rate by leveraging technology to optimize the connection rate of terminals across complex global networks. For push notifications at a level of more than 1 million per month, the message delivery rate exceeds 98.5%, with over 99.5% messages received within 10 seconds.

International email: With a pool of international IP addresses, the Solution enables fast, high-delivery email sending to overseas users from both domestic and overseas domains. For mass email, Aurora Mobile has the ability to help enterprises gradually build sender reputation and improve delivery rate. For example, by leveraging the Solution, the delivery rate for Gmail can be improved up to 99.98%.

International SMS: The Solution has multiple overseas sending channels, covering 223 countries and regions, and can achieve millisecond-level response and deliver a SMS message within 5 seconds. By cooperating with multiple SMS providers, the Solution can automatically adjust the pricing in different regions and supports sub-regional billing to optimize sending costs for customers.

2.   Integration of multiple channels offers intelligent messaging services

In addition to JG Channels, the Solution can also integrate the messaging channels of multiple major overseas platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and TikTok with powerful channel extension capability. Based on the user system of Aurora Unified Messaging Solution (Aurora UMS), enterprises can send messages to one single user ID through multiple channels.

Furthermore, the Solution enables intelligent messaging, supporting various messaging models including simultaneous messaging, re-dispatching messages, scheduled messaging and messaging different tag groups. The Solution determines how best to send each message, via app push or the messaging channels of online social platforms, and re-dispatches it through email or SMS when the message has not been viewed or clicked. This approach avoids flooding users while reducing messaging costs.

3.   International services and security compliance

The Solution offers international services with multi-node access to global servers, overseas networks, and international sending IPs, ensuring customers enjoy high availability of service, exclusive IP resources, and high-quality messaging.

To ensure overseas businesses are in compliance with the laws and regulations of different countries and regions, the Solution provides multiple review mechanisms such as sensitive words detection, message/template review, and administrative rights setting to reduce customers’ compliance risks.

Leveraging its extensive experience, leading market share, and cutting-edge technologies in the domestic messaging service industry, Aurora Mobile has developed and launched the Solution for the overseas messaging markets and is committed to helping Chinese enterprises promote their overseas expansion. For more information about the Solution, please visit

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Founded in 2011, Aurora Mobile (NASDAQ: JG) is a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China. Since its inception, Aurora has focused on providing stable and efficient messaging services to enterprises and has grown to be a leading mobile messaging service provider with its first-mover advantage. With the increasing demand for customer reach and marketing growth, Aurora has developed forward-looking solutions such as Cloud Messaging and Cloud Marketing to help enterprises achieve omnichannel customer reach and interaction, as well as artificial intelligence and big data-driven marketing technology solutions to help enterprises’ digital transformation.

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