BBC QT: Audience member warns against pay rises amid summer of strikes – ‘Fiscal suicide!’

BBC Question Time returned yesterday as Fiona Bruce made the trip to Inverness, Scotland. Ms Bruce was joined in Inverness by the SNP’s ex-Westminster leader Angus Robertson, Scottish Tory Party chairman Craig Hoy, Labour’s Shadow Social Security Secretary Pam Duncan-Glancy, Spectator editor Fraser Nelson and award-winning stand-up comedian Susie McCabe.

While the debate quickly turned to the issue of Scottish independence, passionate panellists and animated audience members locked horns over the cost of living crisis, strike action and demands for pay rises.

During a discussion about pay rises, one audience member voiced concern about the impact on inflation.

She claimed: “It would be fiscal suicide to put wages up.”

“The more you put wages up it will push inflation up.

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“The cost of living is going to get even higher and then the growth is going to be even slower than it is.”

The audience member appeared to echo previous comments made by Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey.

During an appearance at the Treasury Select Committee in May, Mr Bailey said: “My view — and I was asked about this the other day — I do think people, particularly people who are on higher earnings, should think and reflect on asking for high wage increases.”

Mr Bailey, who earns £575,000 a year, added: “It’s a societal question. I’m not preaching about this. I was asked if I’ve taken a pay rise myself this year and I said no, I’ve asked the bank not to give me one.

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NHS staff, teachers and even lawyers have threatened to take action.

The cost of living has also continued to bite penny-pinching Brits.

According to the Office for National Statistics, inflation rose by 9.1 percent in May.

Ms Bruce will return to TV screens next Thursday when the BBC host joins panellists and audience members in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

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