BEES: Nile Breweries introduces business-to-business app to improve customer experience 

Nile Breweries Limited has launched BEES: a business-to-business (B2B) application that will enable its Ugandan retailers to browse products, place orders, access deals, arrange deliveries, and tap into business insights, all via one interface.

Speaking during the lunch of the app on Thursday at NBL Pavilion found in Uganda Manufacturer Association grounds, NBL Managing Director David Valencia said the BEES app is intended to connect local traders to the International platforms.

“Our purpose – to dream big to create a future with more cheers – drives us to be leaders in innovation in Uganda. BEES is part of our digital transformation and enables our stockists, resellers, and outlets across Uganda to grow through a convenient order generation platform. The app will help us communicate pricing and product availability in the market across the country,” Valencia said.

“The B2B app complements the traditional sales model by putting customers at its heart and leveraging technology to turn customer issues into growth opportunities. It will also provide 24-7 convenience and a transparent experience,” he added.

The app is created and owned by NBL’s parent company, AB InBev, and is already live in 17 markets. Uganda is the 18th market to launch BEES and the 3rd African country to launch the app; well ahead of other markets in Europe. Globally, the platform has over 2.7M monthly active users.

Explaining the transformation that the app will bring to Uganda, Valencia revealed that BEES will support growth and help customers thrive by improving transparency and communications, as well as offering an additional channel for purchasing 24/7.

“The BEES app roll-out is complemented by the recent launch and overhaul of its distributor management system.”

The National Trade Marketing Manager, Molly Horn added that through the app, NBL will also offer benefits such as access to its current promotional campaigns and engaging communications to help their customers grow.

“With this app, we address our customer pain points and strive to serve and partner with our customers,” Molly added.

She added, “BEES: Helping You Thrive” is available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you are selling or would like to sell beer and are not being adequately serviced by Nile Breweries, please call us toll-free at 0800200053.”

About BEES app

It was financed and developed by sister company to NBL called ABinBev and it’s the 7th e-commerce platform in the world.

BEES is part of NBL’s journey of digital transformation as a leading innovator. It has over 4million users across the world.
It’s in over 17 countries and in Africa it’s in so far 3 countries that: South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

By press time over 1000 users had registered to the app and over 110,000 cases of beers had been ordered which accumulated over USD1M gross to NBL since day it became active which is 9 days now.

BEES will support growth and help customers thrive by: Making it easy to order to avoid stock outs. Through the app UBL will offer special benefits including: Promotional campaigns, Engaging communications to drive development, Reward program.

The BEES app is for retailers, restaurants, bars but not to sole buyers.

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