Big Tech Excited About Tesla Lay-Offs With Hiring Spree

Data from LinkedIn via Punks & Pinstripes shows that new fires from Tesla are going right to the competition if they stay in the industry at all. In fact, a vast majority of ex-Tesla workers end up outside of the autos industry. But the ones that do should worry Tesla. As of now, a rough count says that a total of 457 employees have left Tesla in the last 90 days. Of that, 98 have gone to Lucid, Rivian, or Ford/GM. 90 of those employees went right to Rivian and Lucid.

That means that 21% of Tesla’s lost talent now works for the competition. Competition that is catching up. Ford’s BlueCruise software is just as good as Autopilot, if not better, and the Mach E is a solid Model Y alternative. Rivian, while struggling with sales volume, is arguably the automaker of the moment. Lucid has stunning range figures wrapped in a Model S-killing package.

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