Boris Johnson backed to win no confidence vote and keep job: ‘People’s Brexit PM!’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a no confidence vote on his future this evening. Some in the Conservative Party will be concerned by a YouGov poll which today finds that 60 percent of people polled believe Mr Johnson should be removed from office. Pressure has been building on the Prime Minister for months after a series of revelations regarding parties in Number 10 during Covid lockdowns. In April, he received a fixed penalty notice for attending his own birthday party celebrations in Downing Street in June 2020.

Mr Johnson apologised but the Partygate anger has not vanished among his Tory colleagues.

While many within the party are turning on the Prime Minister, readers have backed Mr Johnson.

In an poll that ran from 9am on Monday, June 6, to 5pm the same day, readers were asked two questions. First – ‘Do you think Boris Johnson will win the no-confidence vote tonight?’

An overwhelming majority of 78 percent of the 4,241 respondents backed the Prime Minister to win, with just 15 percent saying ‘No’, and seven percent responding ‘Don’t know’.

Secondly, readers were asked if they would like a new Prime Minister to replace Mr Johnson, a question which 4,168 responded to.

A strong 68 percent said they did not want a new Prime Minister, backing Mr Johnson to stay in his role.

However, 30 percent said they did want a new leader, while two percent said they were not sure.

Commenters have their reasons for their responses in the comments.

Username God Save The Queen said: “No idea but one thing I do know this has nothing to do with Partygate. It’s all to do with Remainers having hissy fits and not coming to terms with the fact they lost the referendum.”

Replying to the comment, username Shropshire disagreed, saying: “As a Remainer, this is nothing to do with Brexit; that’s history.

“This is just because he is the only PM ever to break the law, and the law he broke is one he made himself.”

MackemDragon branded Mr Johnson “the people’s Brexit Prime Minister” before adding: “Time for Boris to stand up tall – ‘back me or let’s have a general election.’”

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They continued: “The Tories are sitting on a huge majority, led by Boris Johnson. Ousting Boris will lose them more seats than anything Boris has done; it will be a suicide vote and could defeat democracy by letting in a Labour coalition.

“This confidence vote is anything but democratic.”

DC96 also said that Mr Johnson “deserves to be the PM that the majority of us voted for.”

They added: “He’s had a wretched start to his premiership – COVID pandemic; nearly dying from Covid and then the stupid Partygate nonsense.

“My brother died from COVID-19 the week before the first lockdown and no-one knew what they were dealing with regarding this virus.

“Boris himself got it and nearly died but came back fighting and quietly ensured we were at the top of the list for various vaccines hence ensuring we got out of lockdown much quicker than the rest of the world.

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“The EU was a disgrace regarding vaccines and with regard to NI .

“Boris stuck up for Ukraine against all odds and led the world by standing up to bullies in the same way he is to the EU.

“I hope Boris wins and gets the chance to be the PM that the majority of us who voted for him know he can be. ME AND MINE ARE ROOTING FOR YOU!!”

But the Prime Minister did not enjoy support from everyone, as username JohnJBrown said he will not vote Tory again unless Mr Johnson goes.

He commented: “We did not vote for Boris Johnson. We voted Conservative to get us out of the eu when no-one else would, despite the referendum. That’s done.

“I won’t vote Conservative again at any level until Johnson is no longer leader. I am disgusted by him and his behaviour in ‘Partygate’ and other things.

“I cannot remember a bigger sleaze-ball in Parliament, let alone as PM.”

Scottish Conservative Party leader Douglas Ross has said today that he “cannot in good faith support Boris Johnson.”

Mr Ross said he had “heard loud and clear the anger at the breaking of Covid rules that we all did our best to follow, and even more so at the statements to Parliament from the Prime Minister on this topic.”

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