“Boris Johnson is a zombie Prime Minister after winning no confidence vote”

The battered Conservative lawbreaker lost the support of almost 42% of his party’s MPs leaving him a member of the living dead

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Party at the Palace: Boris Johnson is booed on arrival

Dead man walking

HAEMORRHAGING support among even Tory MPs never mind British voters, Boris Johnson is a zombie Prime Minister.

The battered Conservative lawbreaker losing the support of almost 42% of his party’s MPs leaves him a member of the living dead.

The result of last night’s confidence vote is worse than that of the one suffered by Theresa May – who was gone six months later.

Relying on the payroll vote to survive –buying the loyalty of ministers who owe their jobs to him – produced a hollow victory.

Those Conservative MPs who backed this uniquely dishonest politician deserve to pay a high price next time they go to the polls.

Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers, announces that Boris Johnson has survived a vote of no confidence



Johnson will stagger on. All his energy will be devoted to supergluing himself to No10’sblack door.

If this month’s red wall Wakefield and blue wall Tiverton by-elections are lost, MPs who backed him will regret their stupidity.

Johnson’s pyrrhic victory was a terrible win. His future isn’t assured but the country will continue to suffer under the worst political leader in modern history.

Heat the Rich

DOUBLE and treble discounts on energy bills for second and third home owners smacks of a Conservative Chancellor splashing public funds on predominantly Tory-voting wealthier people.

Rishi Sunak’s failure to limit £400 payments to primary households is another waste of money by a Government.

It is gifting £800payments to 772,000 people able to afford second homes, and £1,200 to 61,000 with three.

The tens of millions put into bank accounts of those who don’t deserve or need the cash is indefensible when surely a way could be found to halt the extra payments or claw them back.

Giving more to the most affluent few is atypically Conservative move.

Kate Still Great

Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill is back in the charts thanks to a hit Netflix series.

It’s still a great song – so not such a Stranger Thing that it’s popular once again.

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