Deeper Network DPR Crypto Bearish M for KUCOIN:DPRUSDT by C-J_

Deeper Network DPR Crypto possibly Bearish M Pattern with a drop to .081cents. This maybe the last bottom to buy into because it looks like BTC Bitcoin may hit its bottom in the next week or two. If this happens then we are off to the races again.

Bullish News: 6/12/2022 CoinDesk Consensus 2022 Web3 Pitch Fest Extreme Tech Challenge. Deeper Network won 2nd place with an exclusive invitation to showcase at Sir Richard Branson’s Block Chain Summit on Necker Island since 2015 at the Neckerverse Showcase on Aug. 5 & 6, 2022 for a chance to pitch to the Virgin Impact team and other global heavyweight investors. I am sure they will get an investment but not sure if it will benefit the equipment company and/or the crypto company.

Bearish News: Possible Token Crash Starting in September 2022 thru the next 8 months, investors getting Deeper Chain DPR returned to them who bought in at .006cents to .02cents. Deeper is only allowing 750,000 total perday from the miners and the invests to go over the bridge to get to an exchange and to sell. Some of the people have set up computer programs to keep dumping coins over the bridge first so they do not get locked out when the daily total is hit.

Websites: ( DPR Main Equipment Website) (Mining Rewards after Staking) ( DPR Wallet Lookup) ( DPR Crypto Polkadot Parachain Governance System, New Wallet, Smart Contracts Upload, Miner Wallet Info) ( DPR Videos)… (FBI VPN Video)… (Deeper Chain Polkadot Parachain Pending) (Deeper Chain Treasury Wallet Address: 5EYCAe5ijiYfyeZ2JJCGq56LmPyNRAKzpG4QkoQkkQNB5e6Z )

-Crypto Whale Information: See the Whale news on my channel for their Wallet address & Location, as you can track for yourself who is a true supporter and who is a dumper…… (AMA said Whales are allowed in the project now)

– Deeper Chain Community Governance – Currently being controlled directly by Deeper Network, not by the Community but thru a back door in the program (Verified on AMA)

– 7 Validator Nodes on Deeper Chain, 3 have been verified to be in control of by Deeper Network DEVs, apparently they can control votes on the Governance with their locked DPR rewards- Wallet Addresses 1st 5C4vNVT5pDroqufEtXKYp3RKrNXVTHk9yqTeNNUSnJ6EbGGY ; 2nd 5CJDFR5RCMxPwVdzgH6JA9D7M625FEFKrdsJG1JnQVQdQkH2 ; 3rd 5HCG6MvAhYgLZdPoD1BVHEjgKee9n4AhMLKfq64VLiM4znuU

– Burn Wallet: There has not been a routine burn setup yet promised by Deeper to fight inflation . The only burning is est 21DPR perday equivalent to about .80cents per day!!! from the validator Transactions which they are calling a “Routine Burning or Every Gas Fee”. The old burning was every 7 days or so until they slowed it down to every 24 Days thru the Treasury Waiting for Deeper Network to provide Burn Wallet Address for all three Blockchains so the community.

Polkadot Parachain for Deeper Chain – not yet (Verified by Polkadot Support)

-10 Billion DPR Total: 6 Billion DPR will be mined within 25years (Verified on AMA); 4 Billion DPR Belong to Deeper & Investors

-Company Info:

-Deeper Network of the Marshal Islands (no office location there currently) Crypto Currency, filed on March 8, 2019 Entity number 100333

-Deeper Network Inc of Delaware USA (no office location there currently) Software Developer/ VPN / DPN , Entity 201816910575 6/14/2018, EIN Tax ID# 841835438

-Location Of Head Quartiers Office: The main temp office rental location no longer exists that is advertised and on Entity Documents, supposedly working remotely from home and out of a shipping warehouse since the past two years or longer, unable to verify from the last trip to California. No new permanent office location currently that I am aware of that has been verified.

-Location of their servers where VPN data is stored: Unverified, Programmers working from China, ect. , Government Jurisdiction over VPN data information unknown, Privacy VPN info shows data is kept by Deeper Network, time period kept unknown.

(A Few people have come and gone from the head ranks, not sure if currently accurate)

Chief Executive Officer: Hui (Russell) Liu; San Jose, California

Chief Technology Officer: Hui Liu/Chao Ma

Secretary/Chief Financial Officer: Xiaoshuai (Cheryl) Liu ; Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Corporate Officer: Adam Wolfe

Lei Chang; Saratoga, California

Chief Marketing Officer: Eric Ma (Thailand)

Chief Branding Officer: Yinan S.

Software Developer: Arturo Jimenez

Product manager: Kain Xu

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