Do we need to complain and criticise or understand and forgive?

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What will you get after complaining? Do you think that the person is going to understand what you say and won’t be going to repeat the same? Or they will do the same things again and again. We don’t have control over other person. You can compel them to do something by threat, fear or any means but there is no guarantee that the person is going to do whatever you except them to do.


What happens when you complain and criticise?


When you complain and criticise, the first thing that happens is frustration within you. You feel frustrated that why the other person is not acting the way you want them to act.

Then you create a vibe within you which compels you to do things against that person. It could be your conduct or act of abuse or you talk to be in a rude manner.

If the other party is mature enough to understand then they can act in a better way else you could have arguments.

There is no probability that the person is going to understand your view by complain or criticism.


What happens when you understand and forgive?


When you understand and forgive others you aren’t doing any favour to anyone. You are doing favour to yourself because you are not holding negative emotions within you.

So, we need to understand and forgive rather than Complain and criticize.

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