Don’t pressurize government over Apaa conflict- Brig Bamwiseki

The fourth Infantry Division Commander Brig. Bonny Bamwiseki has advised political leaders in Acholi and Adjumani districts not to pressurize the government into making decisions aimed at resolving the conflicts in disputed Apaa land.

Brig. Bamwiseki says the government has already taken steps in ensuring that the disputes that have since culminated into violence between the communities in Amuru and Adjumani districts are put to a permanent end.

Brig. Bamwiseki was on Monday reacting to calls by leaders from Acholi Sub-region to the government to expedite conflict resolution on Apaa following the resurgence of violence in Pakapaka, Oyanga, and Lulayi villages.

At least six people were injured in the attack and more than 200 grass thatched huts were razed down last week by attackers suspected to be participants of a Nature walk, an event organized by Adjumani District Local Government officials.

Over the weekend, the Kilak South MP Gilbert Olanya tasked President Museveni to intervene in the Apaa land conflict citing years of government’s failure to resolve the bloodshed on the disputed boundary.

Olanya was among a section of leaders from the Acholi and Lango Sub-region who met the President at Baralege State Lodge in Otuke district.

But Brig Bamwiseki says the President has already made commitments over the same matter and instituted mechanisms to ensure that Apaa land conflict is resolved and put to rest.

He says besides the Apaa land conflict, the government has been in a position to solve many other issues and still has many other issues to handle arguing that the leaders should be patient rather than making pressurizing demands.

According to Bamwiseki, the leaders in the region should be engaged in instituting measures that seek to promote peace as the army is doing to ensure conflicts between the communities are addressed.

President Museveni during his meeting with the leaders from Acholi and Lango admitted to having delayed in enabling the function of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry to intervene in Apaa due to busy schedules.

In August last year, the president while meeting leaders from Acholi directed that a special judicial commission of inquiry be established to come up with a lasting solution to the Apaa land conflicts.

The Commission was expected to study the maps of the areas under dispute and establish an authentic report that would lead to an end to the boundary disputes.

In his address to the legislators over the weekend, President Museveni Promised to revive the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Apaa land and also ensure the investigation into perpetrators of chaos are found.

The contentious area of Apaa covers an estimated 827 square Km with a population of approximately 26,000 according to an unofficial census by local leaders.

Whereas local leaders and residents in Acholi claim the area is in Amuru District, the government insists it lies in Adjumani District protected areas of East Madi Game Reserve and Zoka Central Forest.

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