Fort Portal: RCC reconciles rivaling families who were fighting for a dead body

After days of contention,three families have agreed on a burial ground after intervention of several stake holders.

The office of the Fort Portal Resident City Commissioner (RCC) has been engaged in bringing three rivaling families on a round table to agree on where to bury their deceased relative.

This was after a one Agnes Rachel, a resident of Kyenjonjo was pronounced dead in Rwengoma- Fortportal City after battling a long illness. However, contention ensued between families on where and who was to be responsible for the burial of the deceased relative.

Following a series of meetings called by the the RCC and The DRCC, it was resolved that the late will be buried in kaihura village, Butiti Sub County – Kyenjojo District.

The decision was arrived at in a consultative meeting involving the RCC Angalia Kasigwa Godwin, the DRCC Central Division Businge Emmanuel, the Lord Mayor His Worship Asaba Ruyonga, The Speaker, DPC Central Division, Police Community Liaison Officer, Solicitor General, City Clerk, maternal and paternal side of the late,the husband of the late and area LCs.

Mr Angalia cautioned the people of Fort Portal to always respect the peace and rights of the dead.

In the same meeting, officials from the Solicitor general guided that every urban authority is supposed to be informed about any plans to burry and therefore the City authority was supposed to be notified to avoid future encumbrances resulting from emerging development.

It was agreed by all parties that since the proposed land by the maternal side had a court order and a planned road ,the burial should take place at the land /place suggested by the husband. This was all intended to ensure a decent burial for the deceased.

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