Google is making the Password Manager experience uniform on all platforms

Google’s Password Manager is a helpful tool for you to quickly get through a website’s or an app’s login page. The company is updating the feature time-on-time and recently it added a home screen shortcut to the app so that you can easily access all your saved passwords on the home screen of your Android phone. Now, Google has made a handful of changes to how the password manager works on all the platforms. Unlike earlier, users can now get the same password management experience on all platforms including Android, iOS, and desktops. Also Read – Google introduces a new ‘storage used’ indicator in Gmail: Know details

Touch-to-fill turns into Touch-to-login

Google has updated the Password Manager’s ‘touch-to-fill’ feature to ‘touch-to-login,’ which is an overlay that will help you do one-touch logins on apps and websites on Android phones. For this to work, you will need to do biometric verification like it was in the touch-to-fill feature earlier. Also Read – Google’s Switch to Android app on iOS now supports all Android 12 devices

Compromised Password warnings on all platforms

Additionally, the Password Manager will now give compromised password warnings on all platforms on Chrome. This includes Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Also Read – Google rolls out third Android Beta 13 Beta 3 build with bug fixes

Weak Password alerts

On top of this, on Android, the Password Manager will be able to check all your saved passwords and alert you if a weak or re-used password is being used. It will then allow you to update the weak passwords automatically.

to apps with Password Manager on iOS

On the iOS side, if you set Chrome as the autofill provider, the Password Manager will also work within the apps. Interestingly, after some digging, we got to know that users can use both Chrome’s Password Manager as well as Apple’s Keychain for signing in to the apps on iOS devices.

That’s what the new update offers. It appears that Google is trying to offer a uniform experience of the Password Manager on all platforms.

In related news, Google recently updated the Assistant on Android. We have covered a separate story on this, but in short, what it does is, that it automatically alerts you within the Chrome browser if any of your passwords have been compromised, or if any site is deceptive before even logging in. It will then allow you to automatically change the password through the Google Assistant’s overlay on the Chrome browser.

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