GTA 6 Screenshots Created By Dall-E Mini AI Art

GTA fans have been using Dall-E Mini to generate speculative screenshots of GTA 6, and the AI art program has made some interesting responses.

Even though no official screenshots exist of Grand Theft Auto 6 yet, users of Dall-E Mini have been entertaining themselves with AI-generated images to see what it may think the next GTA game will look like. AI algorithms like these utilize images already online to generate an impression of a given query a user may feed into it, which has led to all sorts of hilarious and unusual AI-generated art being posted on social media. There’s no way for Dall-E Mini to predict what GTA 6 will look like, but it is fun to look at what images it creates in response to the prompt and why they look so weird.


Dall-E Mini is an AI art program that is free to use online. The user inputs a string of words or a phrase, and the AI will create a series of nine pictures based on what was written. The results can be quite interesting, and occasionally rather introspective or beautiful. Other times, frequently due to clashing or confusing instructions, the results can be rather bizarre or occasionally disturbing. Due to the internet’s love of oddities such as Ned Luke’s hilarious GTA 5 cosplay, this is another part of Dall-E Mini’s charm. The often quirky AI quickly became popular among curious internet users.

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It is only natural that people would want to use Dall-E Mini to create images of popular media. As one of the biggest gaming franchises, Grand Theft Auto was an obvious source. The series already has a penchant for being over the top, so the bizarreness that can come from Dall-E Mini’s images can be humorously fitting. With GTA 6 being so far from release, telling the AI to generate content based on it would result in a mishmash of images from GTA gameplay and official art, creating an interestingly strange collection of pictures. While it may not have the same impact as the confusing (but fake) GTA 6 box art that appeared on Twitch recently, the images have largely provided a lot of good fun for fans enduring the long wait for the next game.

Dall-E Mini’s GTA 6 Art Is Primarily Inspired By GTA 5 Promo Material

Dall-E Mini's art is not always perfectly accurate, but it's always interesting.

Because Dall-E will attempt to create whatever the user types, that leads to plenty of opportunities for the user to attempt to deliberately engineer strange or funny pictures. For example, they can tell the AI to insert someone such as John Cena or Danny DeVito into Grand Theft Auto, and Dall-E Mini would do its best to do so. The results would be far from perfect, but usually legible enough to resemble what they’re supposed to be. Users could try their hand at it themselves, but it won’t lead to any convincing GTA 6 rumors despite their efforts.

After looking at images created from Dall-E Mini, many would likely ask why the images are frequently so strange and distorted. Despite being very sophisticated and understanding plenty of prompts, the AI is not perfect, especially where faces are concerned. Keeping a prompt simple tends to produce more accurate results compared to combining several elements in a picture. Because GTA 6 has yet to have any actual art released, the AI is forced to grab random elements from past GTA titles – in particular promotional artwork for Grand Theft Auto 5 – in an attempt to finish the prompt, leading to blended, distorted images as it tries to make something that makes sense. However, fans still appreciate the end result. Just like a Tekken 7 mod featuring San Andreas‘ CJ, the GTA community is well-versed in using other games and programs to make their own fun.

Dall-E Mini’s rise to popularity was sudden and surprising, and it’s interesting to see how it processes prompts for games that are yet to be released. Both GTA fans and the internet at large have found ways to have plenty of fun with the program. With there being no indication that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be coming out anytime soon, fans will have plenty of time to keep making silly screenshots with Dall-E Mini in the meantime.

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Source: Dall-E Mini

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