Gulu: Awach Health Center IV runs out of anti-malarial drugs 

By Kinyera Anthony Lakomekec

Awach health center IV in Gulu district has reported a shortage in anti-malarial drugs at the health facility.

The Gulu district health officer, Dr. Kenneth Canna outlined that the major challenges facing the locals are the shortage of the anti-malarial drugs and testing kits as well.

“Despite the challenges above, the majority of the clients admitted to the facility are malaria victims,” Dr. Canna added.

According to Dr. Canna, there are general shortages of Coartem drugs in most of the facilities in the district, and not only in Awach health center IV.

Mr. Cosmas James Okidi, the Gulu Deputy Resident District Commissioner, while addressing patients at Awach health Centre IV this week, said the drug shortage will be addressed before encouraging the locals who turned up for treatment to seek medical attention from the government facilities instead of unprofessional health workers.

The office of the Resident District Commissioner, therefore, pledged to write to National Medical Stores, to ensure that the shortages are addressed.

According to the Severe Malaria Observatory, from 2016-to 2019, Uganda had the 3rd highest global burden of malaria cases (5%) and the 8th highest level of deaths (3%) with the highest proportion of malaria cases in East and Southern Africa at 23.7%.

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