Hacked Tesla Model S Plaid Flies Past 200 MPH On A Runway

The video proof came courtesy of a narrator mostly talking about the details of the software hack technology in a French Canadian accent at Trois-Rivieres airport in Quebec. While there might be too much chit-chat, the video shows the Model S in-cabin video tear up the strip and hit 216 mph, which turned from white to red color after 190. From the factory, Tesla advertised a 163 mph top speed, then later 175 mph with the Track Mode update. However, the company also promised a 200 mph top speed at one point, which was dismissed as another Elon fantasy.

However, with the Tesla drive software unlocked, 200+ mph was already residing inside the Plaid powertrain. Tesla tuning company Ingenext CEO, Guillaume Andre piloted the test car for a shake-down pass of the new speed hack module. Although the test run wasn’t very official including a third party, more instrumentation, and opposite direction runs to get the average speed in both head and tailwinds, the Ingenext module is legit and orders should start flowing in.

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