Homicide Explains What The Current Era Of Wrestling Is Missing

Homicide spoke with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast for a new interview. Here are the highlights (per Fightful):

Current state of wrestling: 

“It’s a different era, a different time, I wouldn’t say it sucks, because back in the days, my era, it sucked, but I do feel that there is not enough of that magic feeling. What I’m talking about, that magic feeling, the perfect example is Scott Hall coming to the arena and he told WCW, ‘You want war? We can have war.’ He brought Kevin Nash. To me, that’s the magic feeling. Jake (Roberts), one day, he went to WCW and attacked Sting with a chair. I’m saying to myself, ‘what the hell is Jake The Snake doing in WCW?’ He came in the ring and DDT’d Sting. I miss those magic feelings in wrestling. We don’t have enough magic feelings. We have the cheap pops. Toni Storm, one of the greatest talents in the industry, she came out. ‘Oh yeah! It’s Toni Storm! Alright!’ That was it. We want the magic feeling where we can talk about this for a month, a year, or now.

“Wrestling, right now, I’m not saying that I’m not a big fan, but it could be way better. It’s too many wrestlers, that’s one, too much. Some of them, they don’t know what they’re doing. They need good trainers and good people on their side. They don’t have good people on their side at all. I always tell my guys, ‘You want to make money or you want to stay home and play Playstation?’ They say, ‘I want to make money,’ listen to me, then. I’m very passionate about this. I know what I’m doing and saying. The new set of wrestling, to me, we need that magic feeling of pro wrestling. We don’t have enough. We need better people. It’s too many egos. I tell people, ‘be confident.’ I’m confident. I’m a bad motherfucker, I know I am because I’m confident. Everyone should be confident of their talent, but sometimes, some people, they go over their heads.”

How wrestling can create more magic moments: 

“Realistic. I love being real. My idol is Terry Funk because he’s so believable. My teacher is Manny Fernandez, he’s believable. All the west Texas guys, Bruiser Brody, those guys are believable. When I go out there, I want the fans…everybody can say ‘This is fake,’ I that word, but everyone says ‘this is fake.’ I want to go out there and I want the fans to be like, ‘Is this fake or is this real? This is real. The way he stabbed him with the fork. That’s real. The way he punched him, that’s real. Everything he does, that’s real.’

“I like the realistic stuff. When I clothesline you, you hear the smack. I don’t want to hear leg slapping. I want to hear the pop on your arm on the clothesline. I want the realistic stuff, not the circus where fans can say, ‘this is fake. Watch what happens next. Told you.’ I don’t like that. I tell my crew, ‘You gotta lay em,’ not be stiff, stiff, you gotta go home and take care of family and get that paper, but you’re gonna be tough, you’re gonna go out there and work and be believable. I’m 5’6”, I took my character from Joe Pesci, I’m 5’6” but if we go to a bar, don’t mess with that little guy right there. He will stab you in your eyeballs. I will do it. I’m stupid like that [laughs].”

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