Hoping Club will launch a digital currency intelligent

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London, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  In order to build a diversified global financial system, better develop business in the Asia Pacific region, and provide better investment services for members, the global asset management institution HopingClub announced at the end of May 2022 that it would launch a digital currency intelligent value-added service in the Asia Pacific region. This service is derived from HopingClub’s pledge custody business, similar to digital currency wealth management, and is an online wealth management service. It is an innovative business of digital asset management. It is reported that this business serves members in the Asia Pacific region and will be first promoted in Singapore, the Philippines and other places. A person in charge of Hoping Club said that the business would not be excluded from Russia. Hoping Club has made a number of investments in Russia and also invested in bonds in Russia in March.

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HopingClub is a global organization, which has attracted members from all over the world. Thanks to the information obtained in Eastern Europe and a series of analysis and research during this period, it believes that the recession of the Russian economy is close to the bottom and will rebound. As long as the opportunity of crisis entry is captured, it is not difficult to obtain higher returns in the short term.

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HopingClub has accelerated its layout in the Asia Pacific region in the past two years. It has invested in China, Malaysia, Singapore and other places, and is very optimistic about the Chinese market, which may also give them the confidence to bargain hunting Russia this time. Meanwhile, HopingClub will adopt a diversified investment strategy and will not worry about uncertain fluctuations in the short term, so as to accurately measure geopolitical risks. Create opportunities in the volatility of risks, and prudently invest in the continuation of risks.

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