Hot Compact Drag Race: VW Golf R Vs. Hyundai Elantra N

In the first race, the VW Golf R absolutely walks all over the Hyundai Elantra N, but it does seem like the Elantra had a bad start. In the second race the drivers swap cars, and despite the Elantra N enjoying a better launch, it still suffers from a ton of wheelspin which kills any sort of forward momentum, and we see the Golf R effortlessly pull away from the Korean. In the third race, the Elantra N gets a bit of a jump on the VW, but the results are once again the same. The Golf R’s AWD system and superior power output are just too much for the Elantra, which can’t seem to put the power down. The VW Golf R remains one of the most deceptively quick cars in its class, and a people’s champion.

We’d argue that the Elantra is more fun to drive though, and Hyundai’s N division has been open about pursuing fun over outright numbers.

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