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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for June 15.

Bitcoin 30 minute chart.

I marked the main sections with black fingers.

Nasdaq renews double bottom from previous low

After the end of the extreme sideway move,

It is currently on a downward trend.

* Coupling with Nasdaq?

* At the lowest point

Yesterday it was finished without much movement.

in strategy

According to the blue finger movement path

Those who maintained the downward trend of $22751

Currently earning $1444.5 /

The arrow movement path is a strategy cancellation because there is no upper touch.

Aside from the Nasdaq, this is a non-weak short.

There is an important indicator announcement at 3 am today.

Let’s look at it as a whole.


Bitcoin 4 hour chart.

Today’s approximate Top and Bottom prices are displayed.

The pink support line is on the main chart.

It is currently the only support line remaining.

Please note that everything else is a downward wedge pattern.

Based on the pink support line

Check the red up/light blue down movement path

I made today’s trading strategy.


This is a 30-minute chart one-way long position strategy.

As promised in the morning, this is a long position strategy.

Where a downtrend can be connected

The probability is very low, and it is a strategy based on sideways

Please note only.

A slight push below the current pink support line

If the rebound is strong, it is a polar opposite,

Even if there is a rebound near the orange support line

This is the kind of spot that can be pushed to the bottom near the green resistance line.

To prepare for a downtrend, I have marked the rebound zone with a light blue finger at the bottom.

Based on the 30 minute, 1 hour chart MACD danger signal

Start with the first long position.

* When the red arrow moves

Long -> Short -> Long Switching Strategy

1. $21078.5 long position entry section / Stop loss price when the pink support line is broken

2. $23399 short position entry section / Stop loss when the purple resistance line is broken

3. 22019 Long position entry section / Stop loss price when the pink support line is broken

Nasdaq analysis was not carried out.

Of course, it doesn’t look like it’s going to go down easily.

The pink support line is the section that rises long from the main bar chart.

It is a supportive form, and it is possible to couple the Nasdaq monthly chart support line to the double bottom .

In general, sideways trade on Wednesday

Right-to-right sideways / long position strategy was focused.

because the chances are very low

Just take note

Principle trading / Stop loss is essential, so please operate safely.

thank you.

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