Killing The Longs, Bitcoin Bullish Signal | $11.3K Possibility?! for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by AlanSantana

In a previous article, we already established the impossibility of $11,300 as a BTCUSD market bottom.

So many people agreed that it is impossible for Bitcoin to hit this price (see here)…

Why is so?

Why do people think this is impossible?

Because of the 84% drop requirement but let’s get to the present point…

The fact that the leveraged long trades are being hunted, liquidated/killed, is a bullish signal.

It is a bullish signal because if the market was sure to drop, period, then the market makers, the manipulators, exchanges, whales and miners wouldn’t be so hard-pressed nor interested in liquidating all longs.

If the market where to just drop continually in a new long-term bearish wave, they would just let the longs accumulate, push prices up a little bit so there can be more then long-squeeze, rinse and repeat; Kill the longs before prices go up.

Since there is no real upcoming drop (speculation), then we need shakeouts and stop-loss hunt.

The bots can adapt live.

They have access to all the order books.

The exchanges sell all of your data to the big market manipulators. If we don’t trade long-term, we are always at a loss.

Let’s say the market is really set to move up.

Everything is being prepared and then a huge mass of traders, investors and retail buyers figure it out and buy long.

Since the big players have access to all data, thanks to the exchanges that sell everything we do; Then the bots adapt, hit the crash button, take our money, reset the charts and then another move starts to growth.

It becomes a very complex game and that’s why we don’t recommend futures , margin nor leveraged trading unless you are a professional or expert in this field.

We buy and hold long-term, this way it works.

If you do decide to go for the gambling (lev./margin, etc.), then always be aware that some we win, some we lose.

The market now adapts live to every move… Let’s get back to the chart!

BTCUSD 1H Timeframe

We looked at the chart yesterday on this same timeframe and nothing has change.

We have the long lower wick candle 3-Jul ’22 00:00, which is a mixed signal.

It gives out bearish because it challenges support.

It is definitely bullish because everything was bought right away back up and the final candle close still remains within a higher low (30-June).

If we do see prices going lower, we still have the 18-June local bottom support.

The longer it takes, the stronger we become.
The longer it takes for Bitcoin to break up or down;
The longer it takes this consolidation face, the higher the posibilities that the 18-June low at around $17,600 will hold.

They are just making people desperate.

They are pushing you to lose your patience.

So that we, the small people, can sell our Bitcoins and the big ones can buy it all up.

Patience is key.

We have 4 months MAXIMUM before the bottom is either fully in or confirmed.

After this last move… (before November 2022), Bitcoin will be followed with sustained long-term growth.

It is true it will take until mid/late 2024 before reaching the previous All-Time High.

But before the all-time high it will be long-term up.

The recovery phase/period will also be very entertaining and profitable, not only the bull market.
(Many opportunities will always be made available to us… If one door closes, 100 new doors open up!)

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