LIST: 14 fuel efficient cars you can buy between Shs20m – Shs35m in Uganda 

Good driving habits and regular servicing of your car are the first steps to achieving good fuel economy.

Secondly any car with an engine capacity of between 1000cc to 1800cc, Variable Valve Timing , and start/stop technology is guaranteed to offer you good fuel economy if serviced well, loaded as recommended and driven well.

Well here is a list of fuel efficient cars in Uganda that you should consider if you intend to maximize your savings on fuel.

1. Toyota IST

Under the hood, the car packs great power producing 65-81 horsepower, which pairs up nicely with the 4-speed automatic system.

With a trip computer giving your notifications on the number of kilometers to empty, the mean fuel economy, and outside temperature, and instant fuel economy, it’s relatively easy to monitor performance on the go.

An eco-light is also present to notify you when you’re cruising through the roads. The IST has fantastic fuel economy with an average fuel consumption of 11.5 km/L. We’re certain you’ll also love the keyless entry system.

Price in bond: Shs20-35 million depending on model.

2.Toyota Ractis

With a tank capacity of 42 liters, the Ractis is excellent in terms of fuel economy. The 1.3-liter version of the vehicle has a fuel consumption averaging 18.2 km/L while the 1.5-liter version averages 15.2 km/L.

The vehicle is produced with front wheel drive mechanism and comes with a transmission system of automatic 5-speed. The Toyota Ractis is the perfect vehicle if you’re looking to take lengthy family getaways.

Price in bond: Shs 20-25 million depending on model.

3.Toyota Passo

The option to include alloyed wheels is a surefire way for you to boost the aesthetic value of the Passo. Given its spacious and impressive design, the Passo is best suited for urban zones.

The Passo offers excellent fuel economy with the consumption rate set at about 17 km/L. We’re certain you’ll also enjoy the fantastic navigation system in place plus the comfy seats.

Price in bond: Shs 20-27 million depending on model.

4.Toyota Vitz

Much like the Passo, the Toyota Vitz comes in a 996cc to 1,329cc displacement petrol engine, and can also transport a maximum of 5 passengers with a front- or all-wheel drivetrain.
When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Vitz offers between 18km/L to 21.8km/L in fuel consumption.

Price in bond: Between Shs20-25 million.

5.Toyota Spacio

The energetic, seven seater Corolla Spacio is stylish in design and affordable to drive with a fuel consumption of just 16.0km/L! Easily maneuverability with a turning radius of just 4.9 meters, combined with a spacious interior and Toyota’s world-famous dependability to provide a relaxing driving experience. Power locks, power windows, power mirrors, climate control and ABS are all standard.

Price in bond: Between Shs25-30 million

6.Toyota Runx

Having been initially intended for the Japanese domestic market, the Toyota Runx fits like a glove on the African landscape. The cars have sporty pretensions and the hand drive is to the right side.

With a spacious interior to close the deal, the Toyota Runx is a fantastic car choice if you’re looking for a car with great value. The mean fuel consumption is set at about 16.6 km/L.

Price in bond: Between Shs24-26 million

7.Toyota Allex

The vehicle features quality seats, with a self-luminous meter, plus some extra metallic and wooden panel for a neatly finished design.

The manufacturer makes the car using 4-cylinder gasoline engines available in two options, the 1,496cc option that packs 110hp and the 1,795cc shipping with 190hp.

In terms of fuel consumption, the 1.8-rated fuel engine consumes about 12 km/L while the 1.5L engine uses an average of about 15 km/L.

Price in bond: Between Shs25-28 million

8.Toyota Raum

These vehicles run on gasoline as either FF vehicles with 109hp or as 4WD drive systems with a power of 105hp. Notably, all vehicle models have 4-speed automatic transmission systems.

Fuel consumption varies according to the model. The FF drive systems consume an average of 16.2 km/L while the 4WD systems use up 15 km/L.

Price in bond: Between ShsShs20-25 million

9.Toyota Corolla Fielder

Toyota Corolla Fielder Fuel Economy and Features
The vehicle comes with power windows, a spacious trunk capable of holding 407 liters, and electronic retractable mirrors.

The most popular Fielder choice is the 1500cc model which has an average consumption of about 15 km/L. If you’re looking for extra power, you can always go for the 1800cc option which consumes slightly more in terms of fuel economy.

Most recent models of the Toyota Fielder typically come with an automatic transmission from the manufacturer. However, older models are fitted with manual transmission systems. With the top speed at 180km/h and the tank size at 42 liters, the Fielder is capable of handling the cityscapes.

Price in bond: Between Shs23-35 million depending on model

10.Toyota Probox

These options are available as either 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission. Impressively, the 1.5-liter choice has a 4 Wheel Drive option.

On average, the 1.3 L engine has an 18 km/L consumption rate while the 1.5L engine comes with a 15 km/L fuel consumption. Given the fact that the fuel tank capacity is 50 liters, this car is the perfect ally to have when you’re up and about running your commercial ventures.

Price in bond: Between Shs23-25 million

11.Toyota Succeed

The legroom at the front seats is quite sufficient to accommodate tall people while the rear seats are aptly squeezed to facilitate more storage room for the boot. The waterproofing material used on the boot makes it ideal for transporting heavy luggage. The fact that the rear seats are easily adjustable further adds to the allure.

From a fuel economy standpoint, Succeed is quite efficient. The 1.5L engine averages about 15 km/L.

Price in bond: Shs24-27 million

12. Toyota Wish

Toyota Wish is available as a six and seven-seater, equipped with either a 1.8 or 2.0-litre gasoline engine.

This engine lineup achieves a fuel consumption of 14.4km/L for the 1,794cc/132 horsepower engine with FF and 12.8km/L for the 4WD; for the 1,998cc engine with 155 horsepower and FF system, the fuel consumption ranges between 13.2km/L and 14.4km/L.

Price in bond: Between Shs22-35 million depending on the model

13.Toyota Premio

The Premio is the successor of the Corona which first appeared in 1957 and the Allion the replacement for the Carina.

The Premio has been a mainstay in the premium saloon segment section with three engine sizes; 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.0-litre. The 2.0-litre model received a CVT; the smaller engines were each fitted with four-speed automatic transmission. The Toyota Premio is all about comfort with well-padded seats with very comfortable headrests.

Price in bond: Starts from Shs23 million

14. Toyota Sienta

The Toyota Sienta minivan has a perfect balance between space and power. It comfortably seats 7 passengers with an option to adjust the seats in the 2nd row for easier entrance and exit in the vehicle. This is also known as the “walk-in mode.” The 1500cc engine grants enough to power both in the highway and in the city streets even if the car is full. It’s Front Wheel (FF) and V-flex full-time Four Wheel Drive layout significantly helps you go through smooth corners with overall stability. This minivan features a non-stage combination of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) (FF) Front Wheel, Front Engine/4-speed AT (4WD) Four Wheel Drive which aids in fuel economy.

Price in bond: Between Shs 23- 26 million 


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