LTC/USD Main trend. Halving. Cycles The psychology of repetition for BITFINEX:LTCUSD by SpartaBTC

Main trend. The graph is logarithmic. The timeframe is 1 month. This idea is relevant both for understanding the secondary trend work and as a training in simple cyclic, logical manipulation processes. Note also the halving of the LTC and the designated time zones between cycles.

The primary trend is an uptrend in which a huge butterfly is forming (forming part 2)
Secondary trend is a downward channel .
Local trend in the secondary trend is a wedge .

Coin in the coin market: Litecoin

The chart is taken from the Bitfiniex exchange, I used it because of the long price history (the coin has been traded on this exchange for a long time). Of course, the chart is relevant for all exchanges with liquidity. The coin and the pair are liquid, it is acceptable to set large positions. The price behavior is predictable. Ups/Downs are similar. Let’s consider them below.

Everything is unpredictable only for absolutely predictable people, it always was, is and will be.

Same time frame on a line chart (no market noise, pure trend direction)

A close-up of this area on the line chart.


And this area on the candlestick chart.


What matters is the average buy/sell. Approach the market regardless of the size of your deposit as a major market participant. Stop thinking like a “hamster”. You don’t need to guess, you need to know and be prepared for any outcome, even unlikely scenarios.

Psychology of behavior in the market.

Expectation. Reality. “Stop-loss resets. Cyclicality of predictable behavior..

Predictable price behavior. “Knockouts” of obedient (acting by the rules) and naughty (acting on emotion) fools are as logical and predictable as anything else everywhere else. Increase your knowledge and experience, and it won’t affect you.

Remember, theory without practice is nothing. Real trading is very different from theory, you should understand that. That’s why all “programmed traders” lose money or their earnings are quite modest.

You should not ask anyone where to buy/sell this or that crypto-asset. You should initially know yourself under what conditions you will buy and under what conditions you will sell.

Past “stop-losses” before secondary trend reversals.

Secondary trend reversal zones and “takeout” before pullbacks in 2019 (+450 average) and 2021 (+900% average).

Candlestick chart. 3-day timeframe. Fear peak zones.


Line chart. Three-day timeframe. Fear peak zones. (without market noise).


As we can see, this “fear peak” on the line chart evaporates, all these local “super resets” have no effect on the trend. It’s just the “death of hamsters.” The capitulation of human stupidity and greed. You can add predictability and submissiveness to this. The train always leaves without such marketable characters.

Such always sell (fear) at the lowest prices, shortly before the trend reverses. It is worth adding that they buy at the highest prices “at the behest” of the pump to get fabulously “rich. This makes the cryptocurrency market super profitable. Such fuel is the basis of profit. “Market fuel flows” lend themselves to cycles.

Price management is the psychology and manipulation of people’s minds through basic instincts through price values. All of this is real and as old as the world. A foolish person keeps stepping on the same rake, each time telling himself that this is the last time, or this is a special case.

This “last case” must be repeated systematically, but in different conditions that you create. Your effectiveness depends on how masterful you are at forming such obsessive thoughts in the mind of such market characters.

Fundamentals of Trading. Trading strategy. Capital management. Price forecasting.

It is your trading strategy and money management, based on your experience, that is the basis of trading, not guessing the price. But guessing is what most people want. Such people should have no money. As a rule, such people in real life are very poor, do not have their own business, go “to work” (do not want to take responsibility).

They think real life doesn’t give them many resources, but market speculation will quickly make them fabulously rich. Rather the opposite is true. Total impoverishment regardless of the direction of the trend due to the reinforcement of destructive qualities of a person with financial instruments. The behavior of such people in the market is a projection of what they are like in real life.

The behavior of people in financial markets is a projection of what they are in real life. That is, their positive and negative psychological qualities. You can’t run away from yourself. A stupid person will be overtaken by his own stupidity, a greedy person by greed, an intolerant person by intolerance, an indecisive person by indecision, an irresponsible person by irresponsibility.

Such will be punished by their own destructive qualities. The main thing is that the victim draws conclusions from this and it is an incentive to correct the root cause and basis of the failures, rather than looking for the culprit of his own stupidity in “random events” and other people.

You guessed once, second time, third time zeroed in and hit your own self-confidence with your own stupidity and predictability. Consequently, all your previous guesses at the distance equals zero.

Trading is a probability game. It is impossible to guess everything because of the many components of pricing. It is possible not to guess, but to know the more and less potentially realizable probabilities because of certain market conditions.

No one knows the exact future, there is only an assumed more likely future and the work that leads to it.

The basis of profit/loss is what you are in the here and now. Your knowledge and experience are projected onto the chart. The symbiosis of these two parameters makes or loses money in practice.

Read these 6 points carefully:

1) The first problem most marketers have is that everyone wants to get a lot of money in the moment and, most importantly, without effort. That’s what most people want, so it’s not rational or dangerous to satisfy their desires.

2) The second problem is that they can’t be “out of the market” until they find a good entry point. “Fear of missing out” does its destructive work.

3) The third problem is, of course, the disease from “childhood,” which manifests itself in adulthood. People begin to collect various crypto coins, endowing them with different values according to their beliefs and, above all, their desires.

4) The fourth problem is greed, insatiability combined with inexperience. People don’t want to protect their profits, they want more and more and more and more and more, eventually from greed and inexperience they completely (more greedy) or partially (less greedy) nullify themselves.

5) Lack of knowledge and experience. Lack of desire to develop and learn. The less experienced a market participant is, the more confident he is in his competence and “screams text”.

6) The sixth most serious problem – laziness. It manifests itself in the fact that few people want to work, everyone wants to have.

Under ideas are captured my trading ideas for this trading pair over the past 3 years. Most of them are previously closed trade ideas. There are 3 learning ideas that I have shown on this trading pair (based on publicly published simple trading ideas).

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