LUNA CLASSIC Has had some new developments come into it over the past couple of days. Starship the largest Metaverse by size will be incorporating LUNA Classic into their project. LUNA will be used for payments in the Starship Metaverse, and from each payment 1.2% of the Luna will be burned. Depending on how big and popular this metaverse will be this could be huge for LUNA classic holders. The price of LUNA Classic will continuously go up over time because of the burn rate. Luna could eventually reach 1 dollar again in the not too distant future, maybe a few years or less and continue to rise as the supply of Luna is constantly decreasing. All it will take is another project to accept luna in the same way and burn as well and the supply of luna will go down rapidly, in turn increasing the price rapidly. I don’t know what will come of this but with these new developments I will be buying into LUNA again and holding for the longer term. The risk to reward here is a no brainer at this point. I mean LUNA really hit people hard and it sucks, but this may be the driver and the catalyst for LUNA Classic to explode. If the community takes over LUNA and then DO KWON is found guilty of the crash etc, then his new LUNA 2.0 will crash to nothing and every project and platform on the LUNA 2.0 chain will migrate over to LUNA Classic because no one wants to support a crook. This could be massive my friends and this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity here. I sold out of LUNA back when it hit 12 cents and I said I was done with it but now with these new developments I believe LUNC has a chance to take off and get back into the dollar figures in the future. If 10 companies/projects work on LUNA Classic and all are burning coins the supply of Luna could rapidly fall and LUNA could be in the single digit billions supply fast.

In the chart you will see a fractal from MATIC Polygon that is really similar to LUNC. After this rally/pump we may see another big drop and then off to the races. Matic dropped 70% in one night back in 2019 and no one knew what happened, and people were calling it dead, pump and dump, similar to LUNC. Matic then went on to rally from about $.01 cent (one cent) to $3. That is a 300x gain. $1000 bucks right now will get you about 8 million LUNC. Imagine if LUNA gets back into the dollar digits, you’ll be kicking yourself for not spending a few bucks at these levels. Look at what happened to DOGE holders, multiple millionaires and a couple billionaires were made, and thats just one example of recent, there is hundreds of them. I am supporting this new LUNC community because not only do I believe it will thrive again, but also because I want people who lost everything to be able to get their money back some day, my heart aches for them. Good luck out there my friends and thank you. This is not financial or trading advice this is just what I am doing and my opinion.


StarShip is a quickly growing ecosystem built around a solid foundation of collaborative, loyal businesses and passionate community members . Their whitepaper opens with the statement that “community is at the heart of currency”, and the vibrant culture of partners and projects surrounding the StarShip NFT Game and StarShip’s strong liquidity pool pairings are already a testament to their dedication to this mission.

Recently StarShip unveiled a trailer featuring actual in-game footage of what will be the largest metaverse in existence to date. Built on the powerful new Unreal 5 engine and boasting 32,000 square kilometers of buildable space, the size of this MetaUniverse will allow room for unparalleled long-term growth and opportunity. As a result of LUNC’s new collaboration with StarShip, LUNC will be implemented into the StarShip ecosystem as one form of payment within StarShip Universe, burning 1.2% of all LUNC received for these payments.

In related news, the 1.2% burn tax mechanism put forward in LUNC’s Prop 3568 was successfully passed on Sunday. This will begin to reduce the supply of existing tokens as they are circulated, which comes as great news to its loyal holders. Finding a strong use for LUNC comes at an opportune moment. As StarShip welcomes the Luna community, this collaboration strengthens the foundations of both ecosystems.

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