Makerere University fresh graduates struggle to get transcripts 

Several fresh graduates from Makerere University are yet to receive their transcripts several weeks after graduation.

A number of students have visited the university since the graduation ceremonies, which closed on May 27, 2022, to obtain their transcripts as promised by the Vice Chancellor in vain.

“Please note that transcripts for five and four-year programs are ready, graduates will pick their transcripts beginning on Monday next week, graduates on three-year programs will pick their transcripts beginning the second week of June, and masters programs pick their certificates immediately after graduation. May God bless you all,” announced the Vice-Chancellor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe during the graduation.

However, the university has now advised the students to apply for testimonials since their transcripts are not ready and may take as long as a month or two to process, according to some officials under the college registrars.

Mugenyi Yvonne , a graduate of Bachelor of Journalism and Communication noted that after visiting the registrar’s office at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, she has put a pose to her pursuit unti next month.

Mugenyi came expecting to receive a transcript so that she could attach it to one of her job applications whose deadline was nearing.

Ethel Atuhaire, another graduate from the College of Businesses Administration and Management Science has been forced to use a faulty testimonial in her job applications. According to Atuhaire, unlike other students who have found their testimonials to be an alternative, hers still has errors that need to be corrected by the system.

Catherine Nankya, another graduate from the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, noted that being the kind that loves her documents to be in place at all times incase an opportunity rises, she was disappointed to learn that she has to wait longer to get her transcript.

Students from the College of Engineering Design Art and Technology noted that while testimonials are accessible to them, they take over three days to be released.

Some of the fresh graduates still have to finish up with clearance from different University departments to be able to qualify for transcripts. At the same time others are still sorting system errors. For instance those that reported missing marks before graduation have the marks registered as retakes on their testimonials.

While the process of receiving transcripts has been quickened through distribution at the college level, getting the documents ready is still a struggle at the public university.

In 2017, when Professor Nawangwe was new in his office, he pledged to dimistify this struggle, saying that students would get their transcripts before the graduation date.

This remains a huddle to date .

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