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Nanotech Powered Water Repellent Windshield Coating Offers Long-Lasting Protection Against Rain,
Bugs, Sleet, and Salt for Improved Driver Visibility and Safety on the Road.

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nano Magic, the leader in nanotechnology-powered cleaning, protection, and anti-fog solutions expands its product offerings into the automotive sector with the introduction of new products, including its Nano Magic Force Field® Windshield Protection solution.

The easy-to-apply windshield treatment creates an invisible force field barrier to protect against rain, bugs, sleet, salt, and the dreaded bird bomb. Its long-lasting formula offers up to one year of protection for cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and glass motorcycle windshields to drastically improve driver visibility and safety.

“Our Force Field Windshield Protection Solution is nothing like the old water repellant products that have to be constantly reapplied and barely perform,” said Tom Berman, Nano Magic President & CEO. “We formulated a powerful nanocoating to create a super slick, hydrophobic, invisible force field protective barrier for windshields to protect against anything that comes at it for up to one year – and although we’re excited to keep windshields cleaner and clearer longer, our primary focus is to help save lives. Repelling rain from the windshield during a rainstorm improves driver visibility to help give drivers that extra split-second of reaction time needed to avoid a car accident”.

With the release of the new Force Field Windshield Protection kit, Nano Magic kicked off its new First Responders Partnership Program by making a generous donation in their own backyard. Berman commented: “We wanted to help protect the first responders who protect us every day.” Nano Magic applied its Force Field Windshield Protection solution to every first responder vehicle in Madison Heights, Michigan – a total of 45 police, fire, and EMS vehicles. “Our officers spend a large portion of the time in their vehicles and the better their visibility is while on streets, increases their safety and the ability to continue to keep our community safe,” says Chief Corey K. Haines, Madison Heights Chief of Police. Nano Magic’s Force Field Windshield Protection was not only applied to every police vehicle in Madison Heights, but also every EMS and Fire vehicle too. “Our response time is critical when it comes to responding to calls in the community and now that our windshields are coated with Nano Magic’s Force Field solution, we won’t ever have to worry about issues with visibility on our vehicles. I highly recommend every police, fire, and emergency vehicle in every municipality applies this solution to their windshields, side mirrors, rear windows, rear backup camera and interior screens” says Paul Bilitti, Madison Heights Fire Marshal. The Mayor of Madison Heights, Roslyn Grafstein, further commented: “We are very appreciative of Nano Magic’s generosity and support. The safety of our law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and community at large is of the utmost importance to us. We’re also proud that Nano Magic is making products and creating jobs right here in Madison Heights.”

Nano Magic’s First Responders Partnership Program offers exclusive below wholesale pricing to municipalities, and, individual first responders can also buy directly from Nano Magic at savings off retail pricing. If your municipality is interested in Nano Magic’s First Responders Partnership Program, please contact Nano Magic at [email protected].

Nano Magic’s Force Field® Windshield Protection Solution powered by nanotechnology can be purchased at retail in two kit options: i) the Magic Coating Kit that includes everything you need to clean and coat a windshield – a Magic Wand (aka squeegee), a 6oz glass cleaner, 15mL windshield protection coating, and two microfiber cloths; and, ii) the XL Magic Coating Kit that includes everything in the standard Magic Coating Kit, plus, an additional 15mL bottle of Force Field solution to coat a second windshield.

You can find the standard and XL Kits on, plus, the Force Field® Windshield Protection XL Kit also recently launched online at Nano Magic’s newest retail partner – Costco. You can purchase at exclusive membership savings on, plus, you can also find the XL Kit in select Costco warehouse locations throughout the United States.

About Nano Magic
Nano Magic is a cutting-edge nanotechnology company that formulates nanotech powered solutions such as lens cleaner, screen cleaner, anti-fog solutions, as well as household and auto cleaning and protection solutions, all formulated in the United States at our facilities in Metro Detroit, offered both direct-to-consumer and through retailers including Walgreens, Lowe’s, Walmart, Best Buy, and Costco. Visit for more information.

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