New Study Proves Not All EVs Are Kind To The Environment

That’s a relatively low figure and, overall, the Bolt is better for the environment than ICE-powered vehicles. But it’s a different story for the Hummer EV. Over the same distance, the hefty behemoth emits a whopping 341 grams per mile – more than a gas-powered Chevrolet Malibu (327 grams). But it’s so much more than the amount of energy needed to move the 9,063 lb brute.

Manufacturing a new EV takes a toll on the environment, too. The process required to build EV batteries (mining, processing, etc.) emits greenhouse gases. Larger vehicles such as the Hummer EV require bigger batteries to lug all that weight around and provide a reasonable driving range.

“Mining the minerals used for batteries has a significant impact on the environment and can have negative social impacts, including the well-documented human rights abuses surrounding the mining of cobalt, an important mineral for many EV batteries,” reads the report.

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