PUBG Mobile ban concerns: IOA responds to NCPCR allegation of identifying PUBG Mobile as Esports

The debate about games like PUBG has re-ignited after an accident where the child killed his mother over a game. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) came into action and has asked concerned authorities about why the game is available even when it is banned in India. Also Read – PUBG ban in India: Why banned game still available in country NCPCR asks IT ministry

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) was also asked to justify why it has given recognition to the banned mobile game PUBG as eSports.  The Indian Olympic Association has responded by denying giving any kind of recognition to the mobile game PUBG. The response came after the IOA received a letter from NCPCR seeking an answer that how PUBG is getting downloaded on mobile phones by the minors when the game has been blocked by the government. Also Read – PUBG Mobile to Candy Crush Saga: Here are the top 5 grossing mobile games worldwide

According to a report by ANI, “No, IOA doesn’t give any kind of recognition which is against the country and the law. We don’t allow them to promote any kind of violent games. Yes, that’s true that Esports came to us but we haven’t given them any recognition.” Also Read – PUBG Mobile maker Krafton bans over 66,000 accounts for cheating

The NCPCR chairman Priyank Kannongo has claimed, “Yes, we have written a letter to IOA also and we want an elaborate answer from them. If they claim that they haven’t given any recognition to PUBG, then they have to brief us in a written manner.”

“We also want an answer from the IT Ministry. These kinds of games should be banned as they make our children violent. This is a very serious issue which has to be dealt with carefully,” she added.

The reason why the debate got re-ignited

Earlier this week, a 16-year-old boy shot his mother when he was asked to stop playing his mobile game. The mother was scolding him for his PUBG addiction when he took his father’s gun and shot the mother. Later, the boy locked his sister in another room and stayed with his mother’s body at his house in Aldico Colony of Lucknow’s PGI area, Uttar Pradesh Police said on June 8.

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