Randy Couture: Jon Moxley Has Got A Deep Passion For What He’s Doing

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Randy Couture enjoyed his time training with Jon Moxley.

ComingSoon.net‘s Tyler Treese spoke to actor/MMA star Randy Couture about his latest film Blowback, currently out in theaters and on digital and on-demand services. During the interview, Couture was asked about training with Jon Moxley, and Couture praised the AEW star for his passion and ability to adapt to real training in a mixed martial arts environment.

“Yeah, absolutely. He’s in there putting himself in situations not a lot of those guys want to put themselves in a real shoot gym with real catch guys, and he assimilated to it great. He was very curious and asked a lot of questions. He was fun to work with because he had a real deep passion for what he was doing. I think he sees the roots of pro wrestling and where they came from, and catch-as-catch-can wrestling,” Couture noted, “which was a real sport in the early 1900s. So he was fun to work with. He was great to have him in the gym.”

Couture also spoke about his experience working on Cradle 2 the Grave, the 2003 film starring Jet Li and DMX. Couture said that the film was his first acting gig and he recalled what the experience of stepping on to the set was like for him as a star coming from UFC.

“That was my first time getting the call from the UFC. They want the authentic cage fighters for the underground fight scenes in that movie, myself, Chuck [Liddell], and Tito [Ortiz] all got a chance to portray a character in that film. It was like going to Oz, spent seven days on set in these underground fight scenes in this garage, telling this little piece of the story, it was literally a five-minute scene in the movie. It took us seven days to film that. It was just an intriguing process. It’s like getting to pull the curtain back and see the guys pulling the levers and knobs, making all the smoke and fire. It was a really interesting process, a big action scene in that, in those fights, the little person Martin [Klebba], we’re swinging him around. I mean, it was a lot of wire work. It was all kinds of crazy stuff in that one scene. I’d been a movie-goer my whole life, but to actually be on a set was a really interesting process.”

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The synopsis for Blowback is as follows:

“When a master thief is sabotaged during a bank heist and left for dead, he seeks revenge on his former crew one target at a time. Now, with the cops and the mob closing in, he’s in the race of his life to reclaim an untold fortune in cryptocurrency from those who double-crossed him. UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture stars in this nail-bitingly tense and action-packed thriller.”

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