REPORT: People in AEW were close to conducting a wellness check on MJF out of concern for his safety after no showing meet and greet

The initial reaction among those in AEW was concern to the point where they were considering doing a wellness check on MJF after he no-showed a meet and greet on the Saturday of Double Or Nothing weekend.

MJF did lose in a squash match to Wardlow at Double Or Nothing event. After the match, it looked like AEW was writing him off television as they did a stretcher angle. However, he showed up on Wednesday’s Dynamite where he demanded that Tony Khan fire him and called him a mark.

During the latest Fightful Backstage Report, Sean Ross Sapp reported the news regarding the wellness check as AEW people were concerned about MJF’s safety because he was scheduled to appear and wasn’t answering his phone.

“I heard a little bit more about the meet and greet from Saturday that he no-showed. There were a couple of people that were involved in that you absolutely do not work if you’re anybody in the company and that Tony Khan would not work. They had genuine concern for MJF’s safety. We’re told at one point there’s discussion about having his hotel room kind of busted in to make sure he was safe. There were a couple of wrestlers that had to stay over time and were not happy. There were individual sales of the meet and greets that I’m told were that the AEW keep on that is about $10,000 probably would have cost them to do this. That’s a substantial cost when you’re a company like this and you’re looking to turn a profit.”

Sapp stated anyone who swears they know 100% what is going on with MJF that is not MJF himself or Tony Khan is not being truthful. He added he’s not even sure Khan knows 100% what’s going on.

Sapp stated that knows Cassidy Haynes of is working on a report that may come out that’s very interesting about a situation that happened with Tony Khan on the night of Double Or Nothing.

“I told MJF directly that I was under the assumption that as of Monday it was a work. I believe before that it was not and there were a lot of real issues there, but as of Monday, that’s how I felt. I won’t say that was necessarily denied in that aspect, but there were elements of it that I heard about and was told about that ended up being very accurate strangely so. I heard from him a couple of times throughout the week and then not once when the weekend hit.”

Sapp said that one person close to MJF thought they knew it was 100% a work, but by the Friday before Double Or Nothing, they called him and said that they were wrong and wanted to know what Sapp knew.

“And their steadfast belief that everything was a work had evaporated and just went away. And they said, ‘I don’t want [MJF] to have like nuclear heat when and if he comes back.’”

Sapp added that there is an awful lot of information that will emerge. As previously reported, Warner Bros. Discovery is removing MJF from promotional spots and commercials. 

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit SRS Backstage Report with a h/t for the transcription.

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