meta aivi empowers frontline wo

META-aivi empowers frontline workers with wearable AI solutions

META-aivi empowers frontline workers with wearable AI solutions

Optimize a wide range of operational processes with META-aivi.

Optimize a wide range of operational processes with META-aivi.

Fusion of AI and AR Solution Will Streamline Production and Optimize Operational Processes

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, June 6, 2022 / — SOLOMON Technology Corporation will debut its newest wearable AI solution, META-aivi, at the Automate Show from June 6-9, 2022 in booth #138 at the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, Michigan. This AI powered AR solution helps companies reduce human errors, upskill their workforce, and enhance their production capabilities.

An affordable and easy-to-implement voice-controlled solution, META-aivi augments intelligent human vision with human dexterity by analyzing the video and images captured, instantly sending back the detection results for AI recognition. The results are displayed on the AR glasses’ screen in real-time, allowing operators to carry out a wide range of tasks hands-free and with minimal instruction. Using deep learning technology, SOLOMON META-aivi can assist frontline operators to optimize a wide range of operational processes (validation, counting, classification, and more) across various industries.

Aside from its wearable AI solution, SOLOMON also offers material handling, inspection, and vision guided robotics all in one platform, and can combine 2D & 3D vision capabilities for advanced image processing. SOLOMON will be joining an amazing list of more than 500+ exhibitors at Automate Show, North America’s largest solutions-based showcase of automation, robotics, vision, motion control, and others with many world-renowned keynote speakers. To learn more, please visit their booth and meet face-to-face with their team members to discuss opportunities to enhance your business operations.


SOLOMON 3D is an award-winning developer of AI and 3D vision solutions with a mission to enable robots with human-like vision and recognition capabilities for performing increasingly complex tasks in manufacturing and logistics. For more information about Solomon 3D, visit the company website at Public Inquiries: 909-345-7024, [email protected].

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META-aivi Empower Frontline Workers With Wearable AI Solutions


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