Stock market education helps one understand about investing with proper risk management: Arun Singh Tanwar

Get Together Finance (GTF) offers various stock market courses to individuals interested in making a future in the stock market. It covers different aspects of the stock market, including technical analysis and trading psychology. GTF was founded in 2015 by a team of experienced traders and financial experts who saw a gap in comprehensive stock market education. Since then, the institute has trained 1.5 lakh students from around the world and has established itself as a leading stock market institute. Along with the courses, GTF is also known for its lifetime mentorship support and its premium trading programs. GTF has been helping students, traders, investors, and working professionals earn attractive income in the share market in a systematic manner.

In an exclusive interview with Sanjeev Sinha, Mr Arun Singh Tanwar, Founder and CEO, GTF, talks about the need for stock market education in today’s world and the USP of their institution. Excerpts:

What inspired you to start a stock market coaching institution?

There were many people who were trading in the market and making losses continuously due to the lack of knowledge. So, we decided to give them proper knowledge and learning so that everyone could achieve financial freedom. We also started a campaign ‘HAR GHAR GTF TRADER’ and by that, we started giving free stock market classes to everyone who were not in a condition to afford paid courses.

How does your institution differ from other stock market coaching institutions?

We are providing lifetime mentorship support which is kind of a hand-holding to all the students who want to make this a full-time career. Through lifetime mentorship support, our mentors are continuously guiding the students about their mistakes and making them become pro traders.

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Why did the stock market investment come in the limelight in times of the Covid crisis?

At the time of Covid, many people lost their jobs and many businesses were not operating and people didn’t have a source of earning but the stock market was running without any interruption. People earned good returns by investing at that time because the market rebounded sharply and people got to know about the strength of the stock market, resulting in an increased number of active traders. In the United States, there are 55% of active people in the stock market and in India, there are only 3% of active traders. We expect this number to go beyond 15% in the upcoming years.

Why is it important to learn financial management and how stock market education will help?

Financial management is the proper road map which will include analyzing your current financial situation and creating a plan that can help you achieve your financial goals. Financial management can also cover various aspects that are saving, investing, and managing all of your debts. Stock market education helps people understand about investing with proper risk management and also helps people improve their psychology to invest more in assets and reduce liabilities.

How is investing different from gambling?

Gambling is trading in the market without having any prior knowledge about it, whereas investing means trading with proper knowledge and investing the amount after analyzing the fundamentals and technicals of a particular stock.

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