Subham Freight Carriers – India’s First Rebrand Launch in Metaverse

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A great man once said, “Success is not final and failure is not fatal.” This is the story of Subham Freight Carriers India, a maverick in the Indian Logistic sector. Subham was founded in 2002 by Mr. Sunderraj and his wife, Mrs. Subhashree Sundarraj. The company initially was a train ticket business in the name of Subham Tours & Travels. Subham became a Freight company in 2005 and has grown into one of the best logistics companies in India.


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India’s First Metaverse Brand Launch – Subham


The entire company functions like a family with most employees sticking around for 10 years or more. Subham fully dedicates its success to its people. The people are highlighted as Subham Freight Carriers India’s main assets when it comes to their service, internally they are all a big Subham Family. The company has hit all the milestones expected by the founders and top level management, now the next target for them is to achieve the 1000 crore turnover barrier. This has proven that the company has been growing steadily.


Subham Metaverse Rebranding Activity, watch here


Subham has also undergone some changes in the term of its logo, the logo has been given a refresh to make it more aesthetically pleasing and help it stand out from the crowd. This refresh has only been possible with Subham’s branding partner, Birth Marque. Birth Marque is the best branding company in Chennai Founded by Shailendra Shivakumar. and is a trailblazer with its tech-driven ideals, this company has used tech as its key to please all of its clients. Birth Marque formulated a logo that would perfectly highlight Subham as a brand in today’s market. This rebranding activity was launched on 25th May 2022 at The Hyatt Regency, Chennai.


The launch was attended by all the vertical heads and top-level management of Subham such as the Founder & CEO, Mr. Sunderraj, the Co-founder, Mrs. Subhashree Sundarraj, the COO, Mr. Ravichandra and their CMO, Mr. Sekar. The entire launch was done on the entirely new platform, Metaverse. This was the first rebranding activity to take place in the Metaverse in India. The figureheads of Subham were introduced by using avatars and the entire launch took place in the Metaverse. The invites to this event were shared to many organizations and the event saw an attendance of more than 300 people to witness Subham in its new form.


The launch was a huge success and India saw its first rebranding activity done by Metaverse Advertising Agency, Birth Marque. They are also Chennai’s best web3.0 company. Subham hopes it can fulfill more of its future targets using these rebranding tools. They hope to face any circumstance and come out of it stronger. That is the mentality of this organization that’s brought it this far over the years. We wish them the best and hope for them to keep growing from strength to strength!

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