Sunny weather with balmy 22C highs today before heavy rain and gale force winds

The UK is set for a hot day on Tuesday with 22C highs along with some light showers in some areas but later this week there will be heavy rain and gale force winds from an ex-tropical storm

Heavy rain is expected for Wednesday and later in the week

Brits are set to enjoy a sunny day today in many areas with balmy 22C highs but heavy rain and gale force winds are on their way later this week.

It is expected to be more settled on Tuesday than in recent days with some light showers and elsewhere there will be sunshine and temperatures in the 20Cs.

By Wednesday afternoon the rain will become heavier with 20mm in a few hours a possibility before what remains of tropical storm Alex hits the country late on Thursday and Friday with gusts of 55mph.

“An unseasonably windy end to the week is expected but before that light winds on Tuesday morning across the country,” said Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern.

“Some areas of cloud and mostly light rainfall, one area affecting the south coast, that clears away through the morning, another area coming in from the North Sea to affect north east England, into the Pennines, parts of southern Scotland as well.

It is expected to be hot today with sunny spells in many areas of the country



“Away from these cloudier zones there will be some sunny spells. As temperatures rise, a few showers could develop, north west Highlands for example, more especially southern parts of England, east Wales, the Midlands, for example, could see the odd shower.

“But away from the showers with the sunny spells and light winds, feeling pleasant enough, temperatures in the south higher than in recent days, 20C to 22C and still achieving, well, 20C for western Scotland given some sunshine. But markedly cooler along the eastern coast of Scotland and eastern England.”

Into Wednesday and there will be persistent heavy rain at times as “a lot of showers break out” in the afternoon for southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England with 20mm in three hours a possibility.

There could be 20mm of rain in just three hours on Wednesday afternoon


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Mr McGivern continued: “Tropical storm Alex, having brought a lot of rainfall to Florida during recent days, it transitions into more of a mid-latitude low, nothing out of the ordinary really as it pushes into the Atlantic and is carried by the jet stream for its arrival later Thursday and into Friday.

“This is a fairly typical low for other times of the year but for June it is quite notable for its depth.”

Strong winds are also expected to hit on Thursday evening and continue throughout Friday


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He said there is some uncertainty about the impact of the storm but added: “Most likely outcome for this ex-tropical storm is that it will bring an unseasonably windy period later Thursday and throughout Friday.

“We are looking at gusts of 45mph around exposed areas of northern UK and the risk of some of the more exposed parts of north west Scotland of 55mph wind gusts or even a touch higher.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Warmer for many today, with some sunshine but scattered showers.


Patchy rain in southern England and perhaps the far east should fade, joining many areas in having some warm sunny spells. However a few sharp showers are likely to develop, mainly across southern UK. Rain will reach southwest England later.


Rain in the southwest moves northeastwards, with some heavy rain likely for some. Somewhat drier weather returns to some southwestern areas, while parts of Scotland remain dry. Mild in south.


Rain nudges northwards across Scotland but eases, parts of northern Scotland bright and warm. Elsewhere rather cloudy, murky start, then sunshine and scattered heavy showers and thunderstorms. Windy in south.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Sunshine and showers, locally heavy and thundery in the northwest. Best of the dry, sunny weather in the southeast. Temperatures around average. Becoming widely windy, strongest in the northwest.

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