The Best Books Already on Sale For Prime Day


Of all of the things to shop for and subsequently purchase on the Internet, there are quite a few things we would categorize as a waste of money, plus the burden of another an old shipping box in your home. But books. Books. Books are never a waste of money or shipping containers. They are relatively cheap objects you can order online and not only not regret making the purchase, but in fact be all the better for it. Books are good and good for us, that’s just the way it is.

Books are a standout to shop for around Amazon’s Prime Day, especially if you’re the type of reader that either 1. Reads books quickly and therefore has a hard time committing to spending a bunch of money on them. Or, 2. Is for some reason required to buy books in groups and groups only. Although Prime Day isn’t here quite yet — no hard date yet, but we’re expecting early July — the sale on books is ongoing.

Ahead of official Prime Day celebrations, we rounded up some on-sale choices now that you can already score leading up to the big day. There are some classics, some bright new novels, and some in-depth non-fiction books that’ll teach you a little something about the world as it is. Keep checking back for more updates as the sale date gets closer.

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Jack, by Marilynne Robinson

Marilynne Robinson brings her lyrical prose and masterful storytelling to Jack, the fourth novel of her Gilead series and one of Esquire‘s favorite books of 2020. It’s an exploration of character at the deepest level by looking at protagonist, Jack, and the dimensions of his interracial love with the town’s the schoolteacher and preacher’s daughter.

Crime and Punishment , by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Maybe you haven’t read Crime and Punishment since you were in high school and maybe, perhaps, you didn’t actually read it when you were supposed to be reading it. You know the gist: a young man commits murder on a principle and struggles with his contemplations of morality. It’s a long and hefty read and it’s worth every second.

The Personal Librarian, by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray

The Personal Librarian is a historical fiction novel about Belle da Costa Greene, J. P. Morgan’s personal librarian. Greene is a Black woman who conceals her name and identity to pass as White and work as a curator for Morgan. It is an inside-out look at racism from the very depths of elite society.

Lost in the Valley of Death, by Harley Rustad

Lost in the Valley of Death explores the draw and the danger of life traveling the world. This work of narrative nonfiction focuses on traveler Justin Alexander Shetler, a 30-something who quit his job to see the world. He traveled to the Himalayas and studied under a sadhu, an Indian holy man, with whom he visits a holy lake. Shetler never comes back.

Fantastic Fungi: Expanding Consciousness, Alternative Healing, Environmental Impact, edited by Paul Stamets

Were you or were you not obsessed with Fantastic Fungi when the documentary dropped on Netflix? This is the book version of the doc, and it’s even more fun to read once you’ve learned a little about what’s to come. It’s a look at the research and philosophy of mushrooms and psychedelics with essays by fungi experts and photography that’s almost a psychedelic in itself.

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