Things you can do after committing a mistake

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We as a human are meant to commit mistakes. Some are so grave that they aren’t even considered as mistakes. If you commit any mistake due to negligence and they are punishable by law then your act won’t be considered as a mistake rather it becomes an offence. So, the act which is considered as a mistake can be made up upto some extent. You need to follow some steps after committing a mistake to minimise its effect. It’s obvious you will follow these steps if you are feeling guilty and not otherwise and also don’t want to commit the same mistake again.




You need to spot that you made a mistake. No one can correct it unless you recognise your mistakes.

Once you spot your mistakes, there is a high chance that you will work on it.




Now, you need to analyse yourselves and why you did such an act. Because you are considering an act to be your mistake which means you don’t want to commit such a mistake. Here, you need to analyse things which compelled you to do such an act. Analysing your mistakes is the best thing you can do because you are able to see your mistakes and you know why you committed the mistake. Even better, you are getting to know yourself.


Take small steps


You can’t change yourself at a sudden moment of time. There are few people who promise themselves and never commit it again. But this may not be possible for many. So, we can take small steps to overcome our own loopholes.


Make habits to avoid it


You commit mistakes because of your own senses sometimes, they are self gratification and the list goes on. So, why not make a good habit to avoid committing mistakes?

If you are committing mistakes due to unhealthy or bad habits then replace it with good habits.

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