This Is A Porsche 928 Fit For Back To The Future

Nardone frontrunner Carlo Borromeo has clearly leaned into the 928’s design, while also cleaning things up to go with that oh-so-popular minimalist thing. There isn’t a spare inch of material anywhere on this car. Updated elements include the wheels, lights, bumper, and bodywork. It hasn’t changed drastically in shape, but it’s a hell of a lot lighter, now made from carbon fiber. Those wheels, by the way, are updated interpretations of Porsche’s OG 16-inch “manhole” wheels.

Under the hood, things are done in a similar manner: update and give in to the rose-tinted lenses. The 928’s original V8 engine is updated to produce roughly 400 horsepower, which is now managed by a modern aftermarket ECU. These cars were down a gear for a GT car in their day, which has been remedied with a new 6-speed manual box.

Perhaps the most modern part of this car’s engineering is the suspension, helped by a limited-slip diff. The LSD is now an active electronic setup, so you can get the best of both worlds. It’s a GT car, after all.

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