Ultra-Rare Mazda Miata Coupe Is One Of Just 200 Ever Made

You could get a base model, the Type-A, Type-S, and Type-E. The Type-A’s aerodynamic kit is said to be Italian-influenced, and it also came standard with a slightly more powerful BP-VE RS version of the 1.8-liter naturally aspirated inline four-pot.

Only 200 were made, which makes it extremely rare. Not as rare as the Type-S, of which only 63 or 64 were made (reports differ). According to Mazda’s original PR fluff, the Type-A’s design was reminiscent of classic racing cars.

We’d love to experience it, as we know from ownership that the NB feels inherently more rigid and a fixed roof structure would only add to that. A Miata coupe straight from the factory should feel epic. The weight penalty is also only 22 pounds compared to the soft-top, which is nothing compared to the 120 lbs penalty you have to pay if you buy the 2022 Mazda Miata RF over the rag-top.

Add to that the upgrade in power compared to US-spec NBs; the Miata has never been about horsepower but rather a lack of weight, but a little more power feels great in that chassis.

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