Unbelievable! Used cars that only cost £20 to tax

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Unbelievable? You better believe it. There are modern, good looking and practical cars out there that cost less than a Dominos pizza to tax for the year.


Still don’t believe us? Prepare to be schooled.


Before March 2017 some cars qualified for £0 road tax, while others only cost a budget friendly £20 per year because they emitted between 101 and 110g/km of CO2 emissions. These days it’s not so easy, but for cars made before this date, it’s still the case. So if you search for second hand cars for sale, set the filters for pre March 2017 and below 110g/km of CO2 you can let the games begin.


OK, done that? Yeh, you’ll see there are thousands of choices. Luckily we’re here to help. Below we’ve highlighted five cars that you’ll actually WANT to be seen in that just so happen to be super cheap to tax.


BMW 2 Series


We bet some of you weren’t expecting to see a BMW coupe on this list. But here we are. You might think of big powerful petrols when it comes to BMWs, but the Bavarian company also makes a lot of diesels.


You’ll have to go for a 220d to get a £20-per-year to tax model. Luckily it’s a corker of an engine. It’s economical and reasonably powerful too. If you want it to look sportier, we recommend going for an M Sport model, complete with big alloys.


Mini Hatchback


Sound the cliche klaxon, here comes a Mini. No, it doesn’t feel like a go-cart, mostly because it’s comfortable and you don’t need to wear a helmet. But…it feels pretty close to one as far as road cars go.

You sit close to the ground, the steering is tight and precise and it’s super fun. Of course,the Mini is a bit more luxurious. They’re (nearly) endlessly customisable so make sure to shop around for one you LOVE. You have diesel and petrol options here.




Peugeot 3008

The 3008 proves that family cars capable of carting around a couple of booster seats and children needn’t be doudy.

The exterior comes in funky colours, the interior is surprisingly up-to-date and of course, it has wide opening rear doors. Very narrow engine selection for our parameters here – you’ll have to go for a 1.6-litre diesel to get use of cheap tax.


Mercedes GLA


Mercedes has been very astute with the GLA. It’s identified that some people want a high-riding car, but none of the baggage associated with an SUV. So you can spec it without 4×4 and other fripperiesand save your money on interior add ons.


There’s only one engine to choose from to qualify for cheap tax, and shock, it’s a diesel, but at least there are plenty of trim variations.


Fiat 500


The Fiat 500 is dinky, cute, retro-chic AND put Fiat back on the map as a car manufacturer. Like with other city cars, it’s easy to park and a doddle to drive, but it just makes rivals look so staid. Plus it has a few frugal engines to choose from.


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