Wait, Lady Gaga Might Be Playing Harley Quinn in a Musical ‘Joker’ Sequel

Somewhere in Hollywood, Todd Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix, and Lady Gaga are all sharing a good laugh. In the hours since it was reported that Gaga may join the Joker sequel—a musical, reportedly!—as Harley Quinn, social media has promptly lit up with memes and mockery about the movie. But while the internet may be having its fun, there’s a method to Warner Bros.’ perceived madness.

In the film titled Joker: Folie à Deux—a reference to a medical term for shared psychosis or delusional order—Gaga would play the Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who falls for the Joker and becomes his partner in crime. Just last week Phillips shared the blood red cover of the screenplay, which was written with Scott Silver, to Instagram. He also posted a black-and-white photo of Phoenix reading the script, although sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that his deal has yet to be finalized.

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News that Gaga would paint on her Joker Face inspired a kind of gleeful skepticism—but there’s nothing Joker fans love more than playing devil’s advocate. Here’s the thing: With the movie’s $1 billion in worldwide grosses and 12 Oscar nominations (including Phoenix’s best actor win), Warner Bros. was not going to let a Joker follow-up slink away. And what better person to join this polarizing, memeable circus than Gaga fresh off her House of Gucci hot streak?

In some ways, the Joker sequel would be a fitting third film for Gaga’s trilogy of music and mania, following 2018’s A Star Is Born (Bradley Cooper is also a Joker producer) and 2021’s House of Gucci. If reports that Joker: Folie à Deux as a musical are accurate, Gaga could embrace both her melodic and method acting skills with aplomb. Her casting would be the definition of threatening us with a good time.

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