What is Terra network? Rises over 20% in the last 30 days

Among the wave of cryptocurrencies that has overshadowed the entire financial market, Terra is yet another emerging cryptocurrency on bitprofit.software that has registered a significant increase in its overall user base. It is also an open-source platform that operates on blockchain technology, and all the algorithmic Stablecoins operate on this mechanism as well.

The famous co-founder of Terra, Do Kwon, is the light bearer of this ever-expanding currency. Bitcoin trading platform helps you to stay ahead of the curve in the crypto industry as it facilitates you with the latest updates that occur in the industry. You can be sure to make the right decisions when it comes to digital currencies.

Hopes are high on Terra 

There have been frequent fluctuations in the market that led to the rise and fall in the prices of Terra, but the overall performance has been ideally satisfying. The last recorded price of Terra is estimated to be about $103.34, which was impacted by inevitable turbulence in the market. It led to its downfall, and the prices slumped by 4.2%. It happened in a window of 24 hours which is quite quick as far as the crypto industry is concerned.

Now, there is a significant surge in the total number of Terra users, and this highlights the growing customer base of this digital asset. Terra crypto is being heavily searched by the prospects, and the price of Terra on Google is currently acting as a lead magnet for the currency. This also reflects the prominence of Terra as more people continue to search for Terra on the internet. The growth of Terra was reflected in the overall prices of this currency as it rose over 20% in just a matter of almost 30 days. This level of increase in the prices of any cryptocurrency is indeed laudatory and worth acknowledging in the mainstream.

Widening of opportunities 

Right now, there is a humongous scope of opportunities that might even look unfathomable to most industries. However, such opportunities need not be squandered as they might even prove to be available only for a limited time period. Other leading cryptocurrencies, the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin, are also back on track to dominate the platform.

The recent surge in the prices of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market can be attributed to the de-escalation of the tensions that stemmed from the war. The recent outrage and display of dominance that Russia showed were no less than a merciless show of death and macabre. The war changed the entire ecosystem of Ukraine and how it operated, which has led to substantial speculations about its economic dilemma. Nonetheless, the de-escalation of the tension is a piece of good news for the entire crypto industry as a whole. The increased revenue and profit seem favorable for the market as well. The market cap of the cryptocurrency jumped by almost 1.4%, which is undeniably a great margin to be optimistic about. Currently, the overall market cap of the cryptocurrency stands at a whopping $2.14 trillion.


There will be a time when fiat currency will become a thing of the past, and the world will operate through cryptocurrency for all kinds of transactions. Terra is a clear example of this phenomenon as more people are currently drawn to the concept of digital currency. Now, there have been significant changes in the market that are not only important but also help new users to enter the crypto market without any second thought. The fluctuations in the prices are something that such digital currencies can never steer clear of.

Yet, people invest in such digital assets with high hopes of making it big in the mainstream. It is only a matter of time before we will see the world of cryptocurrency for what it is. It is productive for some and devastating for others. It all hinges on the decisions that you end up making in the industry, and this is something that many people tend to overlook. Hence, the need of the hour is to capitalize on the opportunity as it has the potential to become the most productive and informative field of the century.

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