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There are many instances when we think that people don’t value us. What is the reason behind this feeling? Is it true that no one values you?

It doesn’t really matter whether the answer to the said question is in affirmative or negative. The thing that matters the most is your feeling which makes you feel that you aren’t worth valuing or maybe it’s your inferiority complex which makes you feel in such a way.

This feeling can make your life hell because when you feel such things then there is a probability that you will start underestimating yourself. It may cause harm in all perspectives.

It can be presumed that first you started underestimating yourself, then you thought that others aren’t valuing you.

But rather than thinking that no one values you, you should think about why no one values you or the reason behind such feelings.


You aren’t learning new things


You should learn new things and keep yourself updated with the environment around you. When you see yourself stagnant then there is a probability that people don’t value you. Everyone values the person who is worth the value.


You don’t value yourself


You can’t expect others to value you unless you value yourself. There are many instances when you aren’t able to see the good in you and all you notice is the negative part. However, people can see the good part in you.

But this is not going to happen every time. As you need to notice the good and the bad parts so that you can appreciate yourself as well as work on things you are required to do.


You aren’t embracing changes


You need to embrace changes but when you resist changes then there is a probability that you aren’t improving yourself and when you aren’t improving on a regular basis, you won’t be satisfied with yourself..


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