Why RHOBH Fans Want to Boycott Lisa Rinna

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is facing backlash from fans. They want her canceled after her latest social media antics.

Lisa Rinna is a The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star who’s under fire from fans who want to boycott her businesses, and get her fired from the reality series. She has already been facing the most criticism due to the recent social media feuds she has ignited. She was accused of orchestrating a failed plot to take down Kathy Hilton, which came weeks before she offended the entire cast of the newest franchise, The Real Housewives of Dubai. Additionally, Lisa upset a large portion of the Real Housewives fan club after being accused of showcasing microaggressions against people of color and their allies.


Fans were already blasting Lisa after a man by the name of Patrick Somers accused her of hiring him to spread lies about Kathy Hilton on social media. An odd exchange between the two resulted in Patrick outing Lisa online, with claims that she was orchestrating a smear campaign against Kyle’s sister. Kathy Hilton. In the weeks that followed, fans accused Lisa of being desperate, and trying to redeem herself by revealing her text message apology to Denise Richards, which she sent last October. Now, to top her previous antics, Lisa has managed to offend swarms of fans (and the newest cast of Housewives) by ranting against viewers, or “ho*s” and “pu**ies,” as she referred to them, who take issue any time that a member of the predominantly white cast quarrels with Garcelle.

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While defending the RHOBH cast, Lisa seemingly suggested for anyone who has an issue with the white cast members feuding with Garcelle should go and watch RHODubai. With the Dubai cast being primarily women of color, many took Lisa’s comments as micro-aggressive jabs at Bravo’s strides toward more diverse and inclusive casts. Reddit user u/Fullofgrace87 is so turned off by Lisa’s recent antics that they detailed how other critics can join them in boycotting the veteran housewife’s business ventures. “Rinna is an awful human being and needs to be stopped,” they quipped. “This can happen by all of us.” The upset viewer explained their reasoning for wanting to cancel Lisa, blaming it on her referring to fans as “ho*s” after she was called out over “the numerous times you’ve been racists,” they wrote.

Lisa Rinna in a red low cut dress sitting talking to the camera in Real Housewives.

Some ways that the Redditor encouraged fans to boycott Lisa included contacting Amazon and QVC to demand that they cut ties with the Bravo star. “Go to any other company that she is affiliated with and tell them by working with her they are complicit,” they explained. The viewer wants to see Lisa “removed” from the show for allegedly being a “racist.” Others joined the discussion, encouraging others to simply stop talking about Lisa, since the main thing she possibly hates is not getting attention. “I really hope this is her last season,” another Reddit user wrote. Others suggested that fans stop following Lisa on all social media platforms, and refuse to respond to her online antics. One fan, who felt like Lisa was “homophobic” about the Denise and Brandi Glanville scandal, recalled contacting The Trevor Project to complain about Lisa. “They got back to me pretty quickly,” the Redditor shared, while encouraging other upset viewers to “use your voice.”

If a community of fans is rallying together to get Lisa removed, it could work in their favor, or not. Lisa’s goal appears to be saving her place in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. In Lisa’s eyes, all press is good press, even if it’s bad. As long as she keeps fans talking about her, producers might keep bringing her back, just to keep things spicy. Lisa does a good job of ruffling feathers and engaging in showdowns with the other women. It’s why she’s been a returning cast member since season 5.

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Source: u/Fullofgrace87/Reddit

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